What I Want

Jill Marks used to be fat, awkward, and ugly. However, after two years abroad, away from her private school in New York, she's thin, gorgeous, and she has the attitude to match. She's back to help karma out a little bit, giving former tormentor and current high-school queen bee Andrea Benson a taste of her own medicine. But how far will Jill go in order to get what she thinks she wants?


6. Six

The next day at school, I was excited to see what Andrea would look like. I was talking at my locker with Elizabeth and Cheyenne. Cheyenne was detailing her date she had gone on with Miles. Apparently the two of them were dating.

Cheyenne was describing the elaborate dinner that Miles treated her to when I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. Inwardly I smirked. Game time. "Hey, is that Andrea?" I asked, faking concern as I pointed to her.

She was coming over to us. Her eyes were watery and red (a definite affect from the hot sauce in the mascara), there was an explosion of pimples on her forehead (see what happen when the concealer is taken away?), she was wearing a totally baggy, totally not sexy red tee-shirt that had "SUMMER CAMP 2013" printed in neon yellow letters across the chest, and she had on old sneakers and mismatched socks, one white and one grey.

"What's that smell?" Elizabeth asked, wrinkling her nose in disgust. Oh yeah, and she also smelled like a mix of toilet water, onions, and garlic.

Andrea's face flushed.

I jumped in, acting as the concerned friend. "Did you party too hard last night?" I asked, faking sweetness and worry.

"No," Andrea snipped. "My stupid mother took all of my clothing to the dry-cleaner's, so I was left with these disgusting outfits. And my brother drew these on my forehead while I was sleeping," she continued, gesturing towards the pimples.

Andrea didn't have a brother. She had a mom, dad, and an older sister, but no brother.

Which was exactly what Cheyenne said. "You don't have a brother," she accused skeptically.

Andrea flushed again. "Uh, I think I know my own damn family better than you do, Cheyenne! By the way, you're looking a little chunky. Maybe it's time to start your... dieting, again?"

Cheyenne gasped in shock as Andrea smirked. Elizabeth was extremely confused. I quickly realized something, though. Andrea must have something on Cheyenne, some dirt that she didn't want getting out. She's probably holding it over Cheyenne's head, using it to manipulate her.

We were all silent, until Elizabeth spoke up timidly. "Andrea... Are you OK? If anything's wrong, you can... talk to us."

Andrea looked even more enraged. "I'm fine, Elizabeth! God! Can't a girl get some space, or do you all have to be constantly breathing down my neck?!" We all stared at her, mouths agape as she waved her hand. "You know what? Forget it. I'm late."

She quickly started to walk away, and it was only then when we noticed that the seat of her jeans were missing. I chuckled quietly. Nobody had warned Andrea while she was strutting out the house thinking she was hot stuff? Because the seat of her jeans were missing, that revealed some pink underwear with "Wednesday" printed on the butt. It was a Friday.

We weren't the only ones who noticed Andrea's little... pants issue. The rest of the school was looking too, as Andrea stormed through the hallways like she owned the place.

Elizabeth opened her mouth to warn her. "Andrea!" she began, but I shushed her. Immediately, my heart skipped a beat. I was taking a big risk here. Elizabeth could think that I was being extremely mean, and I didn't want that. If Andrea knew that I willingly let her walk around publicly humiliating herself like this, she'd slaughter me and everything I worked for would be destroyed.

Next to me, Cheyenne snickered. "Let her go. She probably knows that her pants are like that. And if she doesn't..." she shrugged, smiling devilishly. "Then oh well." I could tell Cheyenne was still smarting from Andrea's cryptic dieting remark.

The two of us looked at Elizabeth. She shrugged, then her face burst into a smile. "I guess you could call it karma."

Together, the three of us linked arms and got to class.

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