What I Want

Jill Marks used to be fat, awkward, and ugly. However, after two years abroad, away from her private school in New York, she's thin, gorgeous, and she has the attitude to match. She's back to help karma out a little bit, giving former tormentor and current high-school queen bee Andrea Benson a taste of her own medicine. But how far will Jill go in order to get what she thinks she wants?


4. Four

After getting home from school that day, I immediately went into my room, where my new dresser, bed, and desk had been unpacked, and boxes were stacked in the corner waiting to be opened. I pulled out my phone and began texting Elizabeth. She, along with Cheyenne, had given me her phone number this morning. Andrea had not given me her phone number, but I did remember it from when we used to be friends. I was hoping to get some juicy information about Cutie Caleb and the mysterious rivalry between Sierra and Andrea.

Our text conversation went like this:

Me: Hey, Elizabeth! What's up?

Her: Oh, NM. U?

Me: Same. Super bored. I have a question 4 u.

Her: What is it?

Me: Who was that girl Andrea slapped in the face at lunch 2day?

Her: Oh, that was Sierra. She used to be apart of our group.

Me: Then what happened?

Her: .... Call me and I'll tell u.

Intrigued, I called Elizabeth, who answered on the first ring. "So what happened?" I asked in placement of a greeting.

Over on the other line, Elizabeth coughed before she spoke. "OK, don't tell anyone I told you, but everyone thinks that Sierra hooked up with Andrea's current boyfriend at a party. Andrea was super pissed and she's been hating Sierra ever since."

I arched an eyebrow. This was certainly news to me. "Who was the guy? Is Sierra still dating him now?"

Elizabeth paused a minute before replying. "Sierra wouldn't dare continue to be with him. Andrea can be really brutal when she wants to be. And the guy isn't exactly on the market. Andrea's still with him. And..." she hesitated, then pushed on. "The guy is Caleb. But rumor has it that Sierra kissed him first, so he's still in the group because Andrea's still dating him."

Caleb? Sweet, amazing, too hot for words Caleb was dating that demon spawn? I tried to not let my shock appear evident in my voice as I slowly responded to her statement. "Thanks for filling me in. I've gotta go. See you tomorrow!"

Elizabeth said goodbye and then hung up the phone, leaving me to process everything. To organize my thoughts, I made a list of the revenge plans I needed to accomplish. I had already created a list when I first realized we were moving back here, but I had some things I had to add to the list.

Revenge Idea: Strip Andrea of the things she holds most value to.

Things Andrea Values Most:

1.  Her friends.

2. Her designer wardrobe.

3. Her appearance.

4. Popularity.

5. Homecoming Queen.

6. Her secrets staying under wraps.

7. Caleb, super-hot boyfriend.


Making a split second decision, I decided to go to Andrea's house and put the revenge plan in action. My job was to get her diary to have access to her secrets, and make some... adjustments to her wardrobe and appearance-enhancing makeup. One thing Andrea hated getting ruined was her wardrobe and beauty.

I knew that Andrea and her family would be gone right now. Every day right after school, her whole family would go visit Andrea's grandmother, who had Alzheimer's Disease. They were usually gone from 3:00 to 5:00, and they'd been visiting her at that time frame since the seventh grade, when Andrea first befriended me and was open about her home life. It was 3:45 right now, which meant I had enough time. I ducked out of the house and headed over there to start the revenge plot.

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