What I Want

Jill Marks used to be fat, awkward, and ugly. However, after two years abroad, away from her private school in New York, she's thin, gorgeous, and she has the attitude to match. She's back to help karma out a little bit, giving former tormentor and current high-school queen bee Andrea Benson a taste of her own medicine. But how far will Jill go in order to get what she thinks she wants?


5. Five

After arriving at Andrea's house and sneaking in through the front door using the key they hide under the doormat outside, I immediately headed up to her room. It still looked similar to how it had years ago. Andrea's room was painted a pale pink, with a canopy bed tucked in the corner, a painted white desk, dresser, and closet, and a dark brown wood floor.

Heading towards the floorboard closest to her bed, I removed it, because it was the only loose one, and there was Andrea's diary. She had told me where she had hid it. And now I had it in my hands. Her secrets, all accessible with one turn of a page. I placed it in the bag I had brought. I had brought two: One for taking all of Andrea's stuff, and one with the supplies I needed for phase one of revenge.

But I wasn't done.

I looted through her closet first, grabbing a bunch of her outfits and clothing. First, the jeans. I pulled a pair of scissors I had brought from home out of my revenge bag and snipped a few of the seams on each pair, so that way there was a hole in the seat of her pants, exposing her underwear.

Next, the shirts and dresses. Examining each one, I grabbed the ones that were designer and stuffed them in the trash bag that I had brought. I left a few, but they were all last season, so Andrea wouldn't even think of setting foot outside with them. This left Andrea with a bunch of old scuzzy gym wear: Sweatpants, tracksuits, baggy tee shirts. I also stole all of her high-heels and stilettos, and took one sock per pair, so she'd be left with mismatched socks.

After that was complete, I moved onto Andrea's makeup, which was cluttered on the vanity next to her dresser. Pulling out all of her mascara tubes, I put some super hot sauce into each tube, mixing it around well. I switched out all of her foundation for some for the wrong skin color, so that way she wouldn't be able to hide her pimples. Finally, I filled her perfume bottle with water from her toilet.

Content, I moved onto the bathroom. I knew I had to be quick, because Andrea would be home soon. I quickly located Andrea's body wash. Dumping out all of it in an empty container I brought, I then refilled the bottle with my own little mixture. Now, instead of smelling like "Tropical Fruity Coconut", Andrea would smell like "Garlic Juice and Onion Juice Mix". I stole her deodorant as well, before making like a tree and leaving.

I dropped off Andrea's belongings I had stolen (besides the diary) at the dump. Then, I smiled wickedly.

Who knew that being bad felt so good?



A/N: I'm sorry for the lack of dialogue in this chapter. There will probably never be an occurrence like this again.

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