Twitching and Ticcing (creepypasta story)

This is about a girl name: Molly Fisker
She was being observed by someone in the shadows or feel like she was being followed.
She meet this guy, that seemed like the perfect one... Seems that he died right in front of her eyes after a week they have met.
Turns out the person that killed him was by the name of Ticci Toby
What will happen next?


2. Things are stranger.

    That night, Molly had been twisting and turning in her sleep. She usually don't do this. So , she decided that this would be one restless nights. Molly looked up at her ceiling , walls , anything to keep her eyes wondering from a sleep she will not get. Then suddenly she looked over at the window and gets out of bed and walked towards it. She skimmed the area, since her room is in the back of the house, she has nothing but trees as her back yard. Molly seen a figure standing there as tall as the trees, its suit dark as night, and its fa- ....wait a minute... there's NO face? It's creepy. Molly clasps her hands on her mouth tightly and quickly backs away tripping on her bed bench, and scoots away from the window into a wall. She quickly regain her breath of screaming into her hand. She wanted to go back to the window to see if it was still there. She hesitated every time she look at the window. Molly soon and finally got and walked slowly to the window and the creaks her wooden old floor wasn't helping either. She soon walked to the window and looked out the window , seeing that no one was there. Except...a piece paper on the tree. Then her vision became blurry and there was black spots seeping in. She suddenly blacked out and all there was... was a chuckle of an young 17 year old boy.

  Molly quickly sat up in bed the next morning and she looked around the room frantically as if she were surrounded by hungry wolves. Seeing that she was alone and everything was in place , she sighed in relief. Suddenly, she realized something. Molly went to the window and look out of it seeing the note. " So it wasn't a dream? " she whispers to herself. "What wasn't a dream?" Her father as yawned as he walked in her room, making Molly jumped startled. She put her hand on her heart , feeling it racing and said " Don't scare me like that"!. Her father put his hands up in defense and replied "sorry, What wasn't a dream". Molly tilted her head. "Huh"? Her dad gave her the 'really' type of look. " OH! ..oh...I was uh..... just practicing a line from a movie, YEAH its amazing " Molly lied. The father take one more glance of her face then just leaves the room mumbling " Your mother is making you breakfast". Molly smiled at her lie. " Wow it actually worked" Molly thought. She looked in her mirror of her reflection. She saw a pale skinned girl with bags under eyes for the lack of sleep and her wild jet black hair was wild fall down her back, Her sea-green eyes dull and full of boredom. The pastel pink lips of hers were chapped. She looked away from the mirror....but in the corner of her eye , that note was blowing in the wind. " Interesting..." Molly mumbled as she looks at the white note from her window. " ...but ever so strange..."



   Hey if you want  to know what Ticci Toby sounds like heres the link :)



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