Twitching and Ticcing (creepypasta story)

This is about a girl name: Molly Fisker
She was being observed by someone in the shadows or feel like she was being followed.
She meet this guy, that seemed like the perfect one... Seems that he died right in front of her eyes after a week they have met.
Turns out the person that killed him was by the name of Ticci Toby
What will happen next?


3. Meeting him.

Molly had went in her closet and she picked out a long sleeve black shirt , along with jeans and some vans. She walked down the stairs and smelled the aroma of bacon and pancakes . Her mother was had fixed her a plate since she was bored and wanted something to do. Molly gave her mother a small smile and politely said "Thankyou". " Anytime" Her mother replied. Molly gave her another smile and this time dig into her plate of food. Her Father was eyeing her and wondering what was wrong. She seemed a little shaken up. " Molly... are you sure you are fine"?Her dad asked. Molly looked up at him and she pursed her lips , she knows not to lie to her Dad , but she doesn't want him to worry.  " I'm fine,  you know it's just that work has got me weigh down and tired , so that's why I look like an  wreck " Molly told him. Her father nodded,  but still have a hard time believing . Molly sighed and she pushed back in her chair and announced" I'm just going to go for a walk , for some fresh ...air". The parents nodded and told her to come home before it's too late out . Molly ran her fingers through her hair as she walked out through the back door to where the woods are. She sees the note and she starts walking  towards it. Molly takes the note in her hand and she reads it: He is watching and so am I . Molly felt a shiver up her spine. " That's creepy" She thought to herself. After looking at the note more and more , the more she felt disturbed.  She crumbled the note in her hand and place it in her pocket. Then she starts to walk in the woods. To be honest , she actually likes the woods , even though there could be terrible things that would happen here in this setting. Molly slowly  began to think of the note right when she heard footsteps behind her. She looks back and saw no one was there. " Oh no... Not again! I hate being paranoid" She mumbled . This time she quickens her pace when she hears the foot steps. Molly began to run as she heard cracking and a chuckle of the same guy she heard from last night. Molly ran into someone and she screamed and starts hitting on the person. " Hey! hey! Girl, stop it! " said a guys voice. Molly opened her eyes and she'd be lying if she said she didn't like what she has seen.  The guy had fair tan skin and dark brown hair and his eyes were forest green, he had the perfect jawline and amazing full lips. The guy started to smile when he realize what she is doing. " Checking me out already after you beat on me, well isn't that nice" He said sarcastically. Molly blushed and a smile started to form on her face . " well if you ask me it would be appropriate considering you are doing the same thing.... Minus the hitting" Molly replied sassily. The guy laughed and said " My name is Noah". " And I'm Molly ...nice to meet you I guess" she says. "You guess? That's the first time I heard that from a girls mouth in this situation" Noah says raising both his brows.  " I'm diffrent from most girls " Molly stated. " I have a feeling I would like you very much " Noah says full of amusement. Molly raised a brow " Is this how you pick up chicks "? " Not really but ... You are diffrent " Noah replied. " Well okay ... At least you're an attractive stranger so let's hang out then" Molly suggested. " Challenge accepted" Noah says over confidently. " Such a dork" ! Molly says giggling then they both walked in the forest getting to know eachother. "Toby can we leave now "? Says a guys in a orange jacket and a mask on his face . He was clearly exasperated. Toby chuckled as he watched the new friends fading away from his view. " yeah...but just know you're such a goody two shoes ,Masky". " Hey! Slender told us to be back at 2am in the morning but no you had to wait until it's 10am in the morning to watch this stupid girl, when we could be caught !" Masky says clearly angry.  Toby twitched and grabbed his hatchet and pointed it at Masky neck. " She's not stupid and I'm not afraid of Slender" He pushes the hatchet closer. " You're lucky that I don't eat the flesh off my fingers that much anymore....because you would be in my stomach .." Toby puts the hatchet away as Masky backed up some. Toby twitches as he ran away back to where they live.

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