Twitching and Ticcing (creepypasta story)

This is about a girl name: Molly Fisker
She was being observed by someone in the shadows or feel like she was being followed.
She meet this guy, that seemed like the perfect one... Seems that he died right in front of her eyes after a week they have met.
Turns out the person that killed him was by the name of Ticci Toby
What will happen next?


1. A lonely night with some stranger.

" Shhhhhhh......"- Ticci Toby

There was a small town by the name of Carenville. It wasn't on the map, that's how small this town was. They only have the basic shops and have very vintage buildings. In town , there was a small store that sold items for cheap prices and a girl named Molly worked there every night on Mondays- Thursdays. Molly Fisker. The store clerk, only the age of 17 and the only one working in the store at the moment. With only pepper spray as her defence and protector on this lonely night.  She sighed as went to the back of the store to refill the shelves of laundry items and merchandise. It was close to closing , probably 5 minutes until closing and just her opposite of luck she heard the bell dinged when someone entered the store. Molly groaned. She was ready for her day to be over . Molly walked over to behind the cashier and she takes a good look at the person standing in front of her. The person seem to have a Jacket with stripe sleeves and a blue hoody and he the good seem to cover his face from a side angle. Molly but on a small smile and said " Sorry to keep you waiting, sir". He just slammed down a box of frozen waffles and he twitched. She didn't notice the twitching, just still hooked on that he slammed down a box of waffles. "rude.." Molly thought as she grabbed the box and scanned it. She pushed in a few buttons on the cashier and bagged the product. " That will be 3.19 " Molly says. He just sighed and slid the money next to her hand then he grabbed the bag with the waffles inside and he scurried off. " you forgot your receipt....." Molly mumbled. He seemed new in town . Molly never seen no one like him. She didn't get a good view of his face since he was facing away from her. She looked at the time and seen it 11:35. 5 minutes pass curfew to close this store. Molly shut down the whole store and locked it up and started walking home since it was not far from home. Then felt the sudden urge that she was being followed. She glance back and seen no one. Molly chuckled to herself thinking she was being paranoid. As she got to her house she suddenly heard unhumanly loud cracking noises. Molly furrowed her brows and skimmed her front yard.  Nothing, absolutely nothing. The door suddenly open and her mother came out. " Hey, How was work". " interesting" Molly says. They both walk inside the house and closed the having their short conversation. At the end of that street was a hooded figure watching that house Molly entered. The hooded figure mumbles to itself " You will be mine". 

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