Augustus's death

This is another way Gus could have died in the Fault In Our Stars.


1. Augustus's death

~Augustus's death~

"Augustus, please..."
This seemed more like a cry for help than it sounded like a plea; I didn't want to lose him. He was lying in his hospital bed, the wretched smell of chemicals and the hovering of death filling the room. The blinds were closed on the windows, so the nurses must have knew what was coming. I'd been allowed three minutes with him until his family had to come and see him for the final time; our forever had expired.

His lips blue, his eyelids purple, his heart surging with cancer he lifted up a weak arm and reached for my hand. I let him take it for it would be the last time he would ever feel the warmth of my flesh. "Hazel..." he wheezed as I stared at him, tears gathering in the corner of my eyes. "...Hazel, I love you and I'm sorry I can't stay longer..."
"It's okay," I croaked as I had a lump in my throat. A sly tear slipped out (I was trying to hide them from Augustus.) "Why can't you stay, Gus, just stay a little longer. Don't go, please."                                                                                                                                  "God's knocking on my door Hazel; you can't ignore the boss." Even on his deathbed he was still trying to make me smile. I edged one out, for him, and he gave a satisfactory grin, his head resting on a giant white pillow.

I stared at him; he was so lifeless, so frail, so like the image I made for myself when I was in the position he was in. But I got lucky, I survived, so why shouldn't he? It wasn't damn fair.       "I love you Hazel Grace, Hazel Grace Lancaster, Miss Keeper of my heart."                                "I haven't done a very good job as heart keeper; I gave it cancer."                                            He gave a slight smile with his blueberry lips, closed his half open eyes and breathed deep. Those words he had just said, 'Hazel Grace Lancaster' should have changed; they should have been 'Hazel Grace Waters.' Mrs Waters, Mr and Mrs Waters, the Waters family...

I suddenly felt his grip loosen. As soon as he was a muscle out of place my head whipped straight to the moniter and my worst fears were eyes met the long line of death and my ears rang with the terrible 'beeeeepppp' sound. I panicked immeadiatly.                     "Gus, Gus baby, are you there?! Gus?! GUS???!!!" I was shaking his hand rather fiercly, and my loud screaming had alerted everybody outside. Nurses and doctors zoomed in and fussed over his body while I was dragged away a bellowing, tearful mess. They locked me outside with his family who were crying and sobbing too. I went up to the window and managed to get a look through thanks to a faulty blind. Why did I look, I ask myself, for all I saw was a stranger covered in snow-white sheets, a complete stranger; he wasn't my Gus anymore, not the Augustus Waters everyone knew and loved. Or once knew, and once loved. Watching the people come out of the room I knew that my one and only true love was over...

Augustus was dead.

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