Secretes of an assassin

Tommy finds out a secrete past about his family


1. The Postcard











The Postcard



    The bullet hit without warning, slicing through the expensive suit, drilling a hole through his heart. The man died instantly, all he felt before he died was a sharp quick pain as he fell into the lake behind him, never to be seen again.

16 years earlier  

   “Tommy it’s for you!” 

    “I’ll get it up here mom, hello,” I said into my new gray smart phone. 

    “Is this Tommy Jones,” said the mysteries voice. 

    “Yes,” I said tentatively.   

     “Meet me after school at the parking lot.” The mysteries guy demanded before he hung up. Strange, I thought, but decided to meet the guy. It wasn’t in my nature to pass up something this mysterious

  “Tommy the bus is here! His mom called from downstairs. 

   “Coming mom!” I said as I ran down the stairs, my red backpack swaying behind him. 

   “Don’t forget to get the permission slip to go to the science museum!” my mom said.

   “I won’t mom,” I replied as I hopped down my front steps.  

      After running down my short driveway I stepped onto the bus and walked calmly down the aisle toward my loyal friends Drew, and Hayden, in the last seat.        

    “Hi guys” I said as I slid into their seat. How are you doing on Halo3, Hayden?” 

   “Good, I’ve been dominating players online.” Hayden said with a smug look on his face. 

   “Nice, I just finished the campaign.” Drew said after closing his book. “Wow, you guys are way ahead of me, I haven’t even got it out of the box! We all started to laugh knowing I haven’t even got Halo3


     “Hey, guys I got problem, some guy called me, and asked if he could meet me after school, I take that back he, demanded, that I meet him after school. I want both of you to come with me to see who this guy is, and, what he wants,” I pleaded. 

   “I don’t know Tommy,” Drew said. “We don’t know anything about this, this guy, as you call him,” Drew looked at Tommy, as he said, “but if you really want us to go, we’ll be there with you.” I nodded in thanks.

   “Wait,” Hayden said. “Don’t I get to volunteer myself? You can’t just say I’ll do something,” Hayden finished looking between Drew and I. We didn’t say anything. “Sure, ignore the smart guy,” Hayden said sarcastically.

   “You’re not the smart one of this group, I am,” Drew replied.

  “What do you want to say, Hayden?” I asked. 

   “That I agree with Drew,” Hayden said just as they arrived at school. Then meet me after school at the water fountain. 

        It had been a normal day at school, dominating at the school race, getting an A on my science project, dreading meeting a strange guy in a parking lot. Okay, maybe not such a normal day. Finally the bell rang, I ran to the fountain.  I took a glance around trying to look casual, filled up my water bottle. I took another look be hide me to see Drew and Hayden walking towards me. “Hi guys,” I said still trying to act casual. “Ready?” Their answer was to keep walking. We walked to the door quietly as if not wanting to be noticed, kind of hard being surrounded by fifty kids that all know you. 

    Drew opened the door, Hayden jumped through picked up our bikes, mine a red mountain bike, Drew rode a sleek black and silver BMX bike, and Hayden had a dark green gear bike. “I’ll bring these to the side of the street, in case we need to make a quick get away,” Hayden said. 

   “Let’s hope we don’t need one,” Drew said a worried look on his face. Hayden tossed me his baseball bat and glove. 

   “Try not to dent the metal,” Hayden said his evil smile crossed his face. 

   “Now all you need is a good evil laugh, Hayden,” I said. We all laughed.

   “Let’s get this over with,” Drew said. Drew and I walked toward a middle aged man wearing all black with a pointy wrinkled nose black beady eyes and a small postcard grasped in his hand. “Hello?” I asked. He handed me a postcard. “What’s this” I said. Drew and I glanced at each other, Drew mouthed, can I hit him? As he raised Hayden’s bat. No! I mouthed back. Then we turned back to the guy who would have a broken nose if he raised a fist, a guy that had vanished! “What the?” Drew whispered. 

      Hayden rushed towards them, “so?” He asked. “Wait, where is he, he was standing right here before Billy walked up and insulted me. I punched him. His Two ‘friends’ then tried to punch me! But obviously I caught both of their punches pushed them into each other and left them stumbling away. You know just a normal fight against them.  Back to the guy,” I showed him the postcard to shocked to speak. Hayden’s jaw dropped, joining Drew’s. “Yeah,” I said after a long pause.

    I sat in and bed that night thinking about the postcard still not believing it. What did I do to deserve this? At about 1:00 I got to sleep.

     “Yeah, sure I’m excited, but how am going to get in there?” I asked. Drew and Hayden looked back at me. 

    “It tells you,” Drew said     “but we just wish we could come to, Tommy,” They said together. 

    “Maybe your families haven’t told you the whole truth either,” I said as I looked at them. “If not, I wouldn’t want to risk my friend’s lives,” Drew started to speak but stopped. 

    “You shouldn’t worry… I mean, we have been with you through many rough times, like today for instance; we’re not planning to leave you now, now that it’s just getting interesting!” Drew finished looking very stubborn.

    Hayden backed him. “You’re not getting rid of us that easily,” I knew I couldn’t change their minds so I just nodded sadly and after a moment’s pause I said

   “see you at the Top of The World!” Then walked toward home.

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