Secretes of an assassin

Tommy finds out a secrete past about his family


2. Ancestors house



Ancestors houses 


I hopped up the front steps (running through the question I want to ask my mom for the twenty-ninth time) opened the door then dropped my heavy red backpack on my miniature bench, hung up my gray and black windbreaker, then walked into our new kitchen. Updated to shining marble, sparkling oak cabinets, and a new high tech refrigerator. On the new refrigerator was a note ‘gone to pick up Shadow from grooming be back at 3:50, mom.’

   After reading the note I filled up a glass of diet coke, grabbed my Iphone 5 from the charger and jumped into our screened in porch.

   Sitting on the porch’s oak swing checking my messages I noticed my cousin’s texts (I have a question) I texted back (What???) I kicked off my black slippers, grabbed my coke and toke a large swig, enjoying the bobbles busting inside my mouth. “Ahhhhh,” I sighed, completely relaxed. Ding! A new text popped up from my cousin Natalie (Do u know our family history?) I looked at the postcard the man gave me (No, but I think I know where we can find out) Ding! (What do u mean?) I look at the clock perched on the inside of my porch 3:45 then wrote back to my cousin (meet me at the old park downtown at 4:45) Ding! (See u then!).

    The door creaked open Shadow bolted through the house causing me to choke on my coke and notifying Shadow were I am. She leaped onto the porch her black tail going a hundred miles an hour. She plows me over going for my half empty coke. “No!” I yelled grabbing her in a bear hug and trying to tug her away from my coke. “Hi Tommy,” My mom said 

   “Hi mom,” I said barely looking at her. She stood in front of the porch door wearing a blue tank top covered with a black sweater with a red flower on the right side, and jeans. At that moment I decided to postpone my question “Is it all right if I go to the park to meet a friend?” I asked. 

   “Sure Tommy,” mom replied.

   The cool fall breeze brushed against my face as I waited for Natalie. “Waiting for someone?” A voice said behind me. 

   “Natalie!” I said as I swung around seeing her in blue sweat pants, dark blue tee and her multi colored scarf that she always wears. “I thought you weren’t going to make it,” The orange sun started going down and the howling wind started picking up. 

   “I thought you might be hungry,” she pulled out two juicy hamburgers one large fry and two sprites from DQ. 

   “You read my mind!” I said grapping a burger then taking a huge bite of it. Natalie takes a small sip of her sprite then asks. “Can we go now?”  

    Still chewing I said “Ure ‘e ‘an,” Natalie chuckled then said “I’ll take that as a yes.”

      We walk through the broken down street with the wind at our backs following the instructions on the back of the postcard. Which told them:  If you want to know your family history follow these instructions,,

Take a right at 36 Ave.  Go to house #24 The key is in the potted plant Trapdoor under chest 


Pass code 45296 


Place finger on scanner 


Press red button


Hope you choose to continue your ancestors work unlike your mom.

      “There’s 36 Ave,” I pointed out. Natalie continued snacking on the crispy fries she bought us following me through lines of broken down houses, blinking streetlights and cracked roads filled with over grown weeds.        

     “Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen …” We checked each of the house numbers, until finally. “Twenty-four!”Natalie and I yell at the same time both of us looking at different houses. 

   “Uh, he never said it was easy,” Natalie said sounding disappointed. “Let’s go into that one,” I said trying to be hopeful. 

    But just as we were walking up the front steps of the yellow house we heard voices. “Step aside Bill let me at it,” the voice sounded as if it was trying to stay calm. 

    “shhhh!” I whispered as I slowly creped through the old red door to get a better look. Natalie hands me something through the crack in the door then slips in herself. I look around the dying room trying to find the chest the postcard talked about. 

    “Joe you’re going to damage whatever valuables there is in this stupid chest,” I motion for Natalie to circle around to the right. She hides behind the wall and waits for my signal just like we were playing outside with water guns. 

    “Did you just see that, Bob?” said Joe. Bob looks around 

   “Hey what’s she doing here,” Natalie steps out holding a small bottle in her left hand. 

   “That’s my chest your trying to break into” Natalie took a step forward into the old porch then another as she spoke trying to sound tougher then she really was. 

   “Maybe you can open it for us,” Joe said wearing all black trying to sound gentle. 

   “Maybe, you should get out of my house,” I stepped out from behind the wall 

    “Our house,” Joe stepped back, quickly followed by Bob who was also wearing all black but had red gloves on ,and Bill who was in charge of his clumsy group wore a simple tux , 

    “Oh, we better leave right guys,” Bill said sneering at them. Bill motioned for Joe and Bob to circle, 

    “We just want our chest back,” I said holding up my hands indicating that I do not wish to fight. But they just chuckled. Then Bill who was circling towards Natalie screamed rubbing his eyes vigorously. I finally noticed want Natalie was holding; pepper spray. I raised my hand which also had pepper spray in it and squirted Bob who was momentarily distracted by Bill screams. Joe fell down by a purse to the head, knocked out. 

     “What do you have in that?” I said pointing to the purse. 

    “A wallet, lipstick, a tranquilizer gun, and a pack of gum,” she replied calmly although a faint smile appeared on her face. Eyes watering Bill then jumped out the window followed by Bob carrying Joe. 

   “Let’s open this dusty chest before more people decide to try!” 

       We hurried up to the chest. “The post card said something about a code,” I looked around the room while she examined the chest. 

    “What’s this?” Natalie said as she flipped open a chunk of wood reveling an alarm system. “Tommy hand me that postcard,” I took the postcard out of my red raincoat and handed it to Natalie. Who, upon getting the card started typing the numbers into the alarm system. “That should do it,” There was a click then the chest slid to the wall leaving in its wake a flight of stairs. 

    “Come on before it closes up,” we hurried down the rickety old stairs as Natalie touched the last step they heard a loud click then watched as the chest slid back hiding their way out. 

   “Yep trap step,” I said calmly then walked forward into darkness. Then walked back, “is there a light switch?” Natalie flicked the light. 

   “Better?”  She asked. 

   “Yeah,” I said shielding my eyes from the bright light. Once our eyes adjusted we looked around the old secret room that looked like it stretched on endlessly. Cobwebs and dust took up most of the space, but on the walls there are lines of chests. As we continued walking the lines of chests ended and lines of shelves began. Natalie walked over to one.

        “Tommy look at this!” Natalie yelled, I ran over, my footsteps echoing through the hall. As I reach Natalie, she points to what looks like an old flintlock musket, and a stack of 1755, British coins. 

    “We’re rich!” I yelled my voice echoing around the chamber

     “Now this is an inheritance!” Natalie yells.

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