My story (how it all happen)

This story is about Hazel when she's a little girl all the way to when she is a teenager and telling a different story about what happened.


2. the end of it

(2 weeks later)

i was at a doctors appointment and they where telling me that my lungs have a really good chance of filling up again and that if they do its going to be very hard to drain them again.

when i got home i told augustus that everything is fine cause i didnt want him to worry about me.

(3 weeks later)

later that night my lungs started up again and my parents where out so i picked up my phone and called augustus when he answered i tried to say help me but i couldnt breathe all i heard was im on my way.

when augustus got to my house i was in my room on the ground my face was turning pruple and i could barly hear what he said to me.

(2 days later)

when i woke up in the icu i saw my parents on one side and my true love gus on the other side they had there hands on there head and were crying they probaly thought i wasnt going to die in there or something, but i didnt and im gald.

when my parents saw i was up they ask me a question the question was why didn't you call us we where on our way home and would have gotten to you faster they said, i lied and said that he called first at the right time you could say but i really didnt want my parents i wanted gus i didnt want my parents to waste there evening with me in the hospital.

(5 days later)

i left the icu and headed home on our way gus called me and said to meet him at his house, so we could talk and i was scared now he's going to find out i lied to him and told him i was getting better even though i was dying inside.

(4 days later)

i called gus and told him to perpare a speech for my per funreal he wanted to know why but i told him to do it for me and that i want to hear it so when the day comes its not terrible cause i want he's speech to be the best one there.

when gus arrived at the support group i really couldnt wait to hear what he's saying about me.

when gus said he's speech i cried so hard and when he was done he came and gave me a hug and said i love you and i'll never let you go, and you won't die your strong and i belileve you can do this. driay this is my last story about what happened with my life, gus i hope you liked the entires about our relationships and mom and dad you guys have done so much for me and in the last weeks i've been thinking of ways how i could repay you for everything you've done for me so here it is you get all my money and when you go through my stuff you'll find a scrap book and this diary so that's it love you and can't wait to be with you guys again later on.

(8 days later)

hazel dies in her sleep 8 days later her mom was the one who found her and when she looked under the bed she saw a diary and read everything and at the very end she sat there crying and couldn't belileve what just happened.

it was the day to say good bye to hazel and gus was the first to talk this is what he said "hazel was the most funniest, loyal, and perfect girl i have ever met she should have gotten more days then she was given and i hope she is happier and healther then ever in heaven and i hope she knows that our love story is still going it has to die with me and her together, the last thing i have to say is she gave me a forever in the numbered of days and for that i'm entrunally greatful, rest in peace hazel grace lancaster.

now it was her mom and dads turn and her mom decied to read her diary to everyone and well you know what that says.


after everything her parents go on and try to move on while augustus trys to find another hazel but he had no luck.


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