My story (how it all happen)

This story is about Hazel when she's a little girl all the way to when she is a teenager and telling a different story about what happened.


1. how it all happen (my point of view)

my story starts like this,

my mother and I where in the park when my lungs started filling up with water and I couldn't breathe, so she took me to the hospital and when I woke up the doctors where talking about giving me tubes and an oxygen tank.

The next day we left the hospital and went home, on our way home my parents took me for ice cream then a movie, I didn't know what was going on and why they where spoiling me.

7 days later, it was time for me to go to bed and after I fell asleep for more than 26 minutes I woke up and my lungs where filling up with water and I couldn't breathe or talk, I didn't know what to do so I picked up a book and through it at the wall, moments later my parents ran in and we where off to the hospital again.

The doctors said it was getting worse and my parents were in the back round crying, later they came up to me and said "its okay to let go honey, you can let go we love you." my eyes closed after that and I heard them cry even more all I was thinking is I don't want to let go I want to stay here with them where I belonged.

the next day I woke up and my dad was at work trying to help pay for all the treatment and other stuff I needed to stay alive and be healthy again, so it was hard for them.

(2 days later)

its time to go back home the doctors said that my lungs shouldn't do that anymore which I was happy about and I know my parents where.

as I got older and more sicker they gave me a dying wish so I had to think about it but because I only had one wish it took me awhile but I finally figured it out my last dying wish will be used to go to Disney land I was 14 I mean who wouldn't.

(2 years later)

my mother was talking to me about joining support group for cancer survivors and well I really didn't want to go but since she's been doing so much for me I guess I could do one little thing for her. 

When I got to the support group there were at least 12 people if not more and this really weird leader who says were literally in the heart of Jesus weird right, the next day I met this guy named Augustus waters he was so cute and funny and he wouldn't stop staring at me, when we got out I was waiting for my mother and he walk up to me and said "you are the most prettiest lady I've ever seen."  I tried not to cry because that was the most romantic thing  anyone could have ever said to me.

(2 days later)

Augustus and I were talking and were now going out and im so happy because he makes me feel so special and alive. later on that night he called me and told me to come over and hang out so I hoped in my car and speeded to his house just to see him.

(1 mouth later)

my lungs weren't getting any better actually they were getting worse but I tried so hard to seem like I was getting better every time I was around him.

today I told Gus that I love him and he said he loved me too!!!!!!!!!! it was awesome to hear that it made me so happy and sad because when I die he'll be crushed.










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