Mystery {Beside You}

Sam Flower is the name the 18 year old goes under. A girl filed with secrets and an ugly background that no one should know of. She runs a YouTube channel with over one million subscribers where she acts like a happy hyper girl. But in real life everything is wrong, at least that is what she thinks. A tomboy in real life but a girly girl on camera. This is the story if "Sam Flower".


2. Within A Minute I Was All Packed Up

I woke up with feeling that I just didn't want to do anything, but today I am going to England. Ps I live in L.A. I am going there to hang out with Zoe Sugg, one of my best friends. We are going to Vidcon!

I wanted to hang out with the British youtubers so we could go together. I was exited but then again as soon as I woke up I just felt depressed, like every day.

I had packed my suitcase the night before so now I need to pack my hand bag. I got my heavy body of the most comfortable bed in the world. The struggle every single morning. I found my sunglasses, phone charger, phone, lip balm, headphones, plane ticket, money and most important of all my passport.

Trust me I have many times tried getting to the airport and seen that I forgot my passport, not fun.

I grabbed an apple and went to get a taxi. Luckily I live in an apartment in middle of the city so getting a taxi is no problem.

I finally came to the airport ready to board the plane when suddenly a crowd of around 30 people surrounded me. Oh! Did I forget to tell you that i have a YouTube channel with a little over two million subscribers, sometimes it's great but when you're feeling like carp it's not.

I don't want to be a jerk and just ignore them, but then again I am already running late for my flight. So I just ran shouting: Sorry! But I'm late. I quickly made a tweet saying: I'm so sorry for all the fans waiting at the airport for me but I'm late for my flight 😔 sorry!

Of course first when I reached my flight and sat down. I sent a text saying I was on my way to Zoe and off I went.




I came to London, England because I am tacking the train to Brighton in two hours. I didn't want to just sit on my phone, so I called Joe Sugg. One of my close friend since he is Zoe's little brother.

''Hey it's Joe'' His rasp voice said.

''It's Sam, did you just wake up?'' I asked with small giggle at the end, a cute one though.

''Yeah maybe, what's up?'' He said laughing slightly.

''Um, I'm in London and in two hours I'm going to Brighton to meet up with your sister. But two hours a lot in my world so could I come and hang out with you and Caspar?'' I asked sounding as cute as possible. Caspar was Joe's Youtuber roommate. Pretty cool.

''Yeah sure, Caspar's not home though'' He said.

''That's okay, I'll we over in five minutes'' I said and stopping the call. I walked out of the airport and found a taxi. Or what they call them here in England.


''Guess who came?'' Joe said as he opened the door, guessing he was vlogging.

''Hey!'' I smiled and went to hug him. It was a long and tight hug. The ones I've missed most.

''So how's life?'' He asked when he turned off the camera.

''It's fine, how is your oh so perfect life?'' I joked and sat down on his couch.

''Not so perfect'' He said sadly and dumping down on the sofa.

''What's wrong? You can tell me everything'' I said moving closing to him ready to comfort him if needed.

''You know the girl that was kind of my girlfriend?'' He said not looking at me, I just nodded.

''Yeah she thought I didn't love her because I said I didn't want my fans to know about our relationship'' He said looking at me with watery eyes.

''Well she missed out on the whole package'' I said, slightly punching him on the side of his shoulder.

''Yeah, as if I'm the whole package'' He said looking down. I moved closer to him and kissed him on the cheek, his eyes suddenly got big.

''You want to play Fifa?'' I asked and smiled.

''That's why your my best friend'' Joe said and sent me a big smile.

''Wait, why am I your best friend?'' I asked and turned to listen.

''Because your fun and always happy'' He smiled, but my smile faded. The last three years have felt like crap. I've always been depressed or just sad for no reason.

''Hey, you okay?'' He asked, he must have seen my smile disappeared.

''Yeah, lets just play Fifa''



After Joe and I had played Fifa for at good hour and 45 minutes with a result that said 4-3 to me.

''HA! You start off by losing to Caspar and now a girl!?'' I said shouting a little and gave him a light punch on the shoulder.

''I let you win!'' Joe said laughing while cover his shoulder where I punched him.

''Yeah right Sugg'' I said and grabbed my bags. ''Well we'll keep in touch and then come and visit Zoe and I'' I continued.

''Yeah, bye Flower'' He said and closed the door behind me. For a second I thought he complimented me by calling me a flower but then I remembered that they all think my name is Sam Flower. 

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