Say Something...(Harry Styles FF)

"Harry, slow down!" I kept begging him. I grabbed his arm and started shaking. "Harry!! Please.." I closed my eyes tightly. He kept driving too fast. "You will kill us!...HARRY!" ....And that's when it happened..Too much blood. Too much smoke.


1. I want you back..

I woke up again, praying and hoping, that everything that happened in the past six months is just a dream. An awful dream. But it wasn't.

Harry has been in coma for six months. And for those six months i've been dying slowly. Waiting for him to open his beautifully green eyes and say something..But it never happens. Only his chest moves, giving me some hope.

Why? Why me? Why him? Why us? WHY?

"Delia, come on, let's go." My mom yelled from downstairs. Today we are going to the hospital, like every other day. I miss his voice, his smile, his beautiful eyes, the way he'd always make some cheese joke. I wiped away the tears and looked at the mirror. My eyes were red and puffy from the crying and not getting enough sleep. I was thinner than before. I looked awful..but if Harry was here he'd tell me how beautiful i looked and just thinking about it, it makes me smile but also gives me tears. I jogged down the stairs and saw mom. She stood by the door, ready. "Did you take your pills?" She asked. Ever since Harry went to come i've been having breakdowns, so i'm taking pills now. "Yep, lets go!" I said and walked outside.

The walk to the hospital was quiet. I'm so glad that the hospital is near our house and that we don't have to use the car. I don't like cars anymore. We walked into the hospital. It was full of people and nurses and doctors, running around the halls. We walked slowly to his room. "I miss him so much" i closed my eyes and stood in front of his door. "I know, honey.." Mom hugged me "Go inside. I will wait here" "Okay, mom. Thank you" I said and walked in. I walked to his bed and sat on it "Hey Harry.." I took his hand and slowly rubbed it. "Please wake up..please" I closed my eyes as the tears ran down my face.


Hey Guys! It's my first story so tell me if you like it!! The other chapters are going to be longer than this one!! 

Much love


Annie George

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