Say Something...(Harry Styles FF)

"Harry, slow down!" I kept begging him. I grabbed his arm and started shaking. "Harry!! Please.." I closed my eyes tightly. He kept driving too fast. "You will kill us!...HARRY!" ....And that's when it happened..Too much blood. Too much smoke.


3. Harry...

It felt like hell. Every day. The same pain. The same tears. I was getting so sick of it. Everyone I knew was getting sick of it. They wished and prayed for Harry to open his eyes. They wished and prayed for both of us to be okay. Every day I was going through the same hell. Every single fucking day was the same. Mother wanted me to go to some weird sessions, hoping that it'd distract me from Harry and everything that was going in my life. She was begging me to come home, but ever since Harry made that little move with his hand, I wasn't going anywhere. I slept in the oh so comfortable chair. My whole body was in pain, but I didn't care. For me it didn't matter. It's already been three days since Harry moved. I wanted to be there when he wakes up. I couldn't wait for it to happen. The hours became days. The days became a week. Mother finally got me out of the hospital and into my comfortable bed, but still, I couldn't sleep. I felt and looked awful. It's been a week. But at least we know that he did move a little. It's a good sign. He's going to be awake soon, I hope. We never were the type of family to believe in God, but ever since Harry fell in coma all we do is pray and go to Church every sunday. Every single sunday. It was too hard, I couldn't even bare it anymore. I wished for the pain to go away, but it's stuck. It wouldn't budge. I was one huge mess, but I should start collecting myself together, so today, early in the morning I went for a run. I was so out of shape. After that I took a hot long shower, got ready and went to the hospital. It was 1pm by the time I got here. Harry was still in the same position. I sat on the chair and grabbed his arm. "Hey Harry" I whispered and smiled. "How are you? Today I feel better baby. I know that you can hear me. So I'm begging you to wake up. Please, please, please! You can't keep torturing me like that baby. You have to wake up." I closed my eyes, letting the tears roll down my face. Everything was so peaceful. Until the beeping sound ran around the room. I jumped up. Everything was in a killing slow motion. The next thing I knew there were doctors and nurses running in and out of the room. A nurse pushed me out of the room, sat me on a chair and closed the door. I sat there in shock until realization hit me. Something's happening. I instantly called Anne. Gladly she was with my mom and Gemma. They quickly came and sat on the chairs next to mine. I let the tears run down my face. Mom hugged me tightly, trying to calm me down. "Honey, it's going to be okay! He'll be okay" She kissed my forehead. Anne looked at me and partially smiled. "Harry's a strong boy Del. He'll be fine." I was glad that at least she's not that depressed and sad. Doctors and nurses were already getting out of the room. Finally doctor Jennings walked out. I quickly shot up from the chair and walked to him "What's going on? Is he okay?" Doctor Jennings smiled and said "Go and see for yourself" I ran into the room and Harry was sitting on the bed. Once his eyes met mine he smiled widely. I pinched my arm, making sure that it was real. "Harry.." I whispered. He smiled cheekly "Hey baby" I ran to him and hugged him tightly. He hugged me back and chuckled. "I see you missed me." I hit his arm "You idiot! You were gone for six fucking months! SIX!" He kissed my cheek. "I'm sorry baby" He said. "Harry!" Anne and Gemma yelled in unision and ran to him. They hugged him. They were crying. I was afraid to blink. Afraid that if i close my eyes for a second it'd disappear. He came back. He's here. With me. With us. Nothing could ruin this moment. It felt like I could finally breathe. I couldn't believe it. I was finally able to smile. Able to feel free from all the pain I felt. Finally the damn pain was gone.


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Annie George

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