My Ability

Mitarl was a person who has an ability of see the dead and speak to them. People think that she is weird; however, when the night comes...they will soon believe her.


1. Episode 1: The Demons Are Here- Part 1

The day turns night.

The lightpoles are turn on.

And the devils lurk in the dark.

Hi, my name is Mitarl New. I am an 14 year old girl who talk to the dead. If you think I am weird, you are wrong. I was born with this ability. I live in London, New England. I go to Mairannta Academy where I sometimes see ghosts and get bully by the other kids. Well, people don't see what I see. However, the demons-the bad ones- turn visible for us when it is night.

At my creative writing class, I am sitting at my favorite seat- at the back of the classroom- where I can't see anything. I have black hair and grey eyes. I also wore a black shirt that has a white, small ghost who said, "Boo!". I enjoy ghost collections and clothes. I have them in many equipment: ghost ear rings, ghost necklace, and ghost shoes. I am going to sleep in this class because Mr. Trita's voice is so boring! I can feel my eyes lids are going to fall. However, I wake up by a familiar voice beside me.

"Miarl, d-d-don't g-go t-t-to sleep!"

I look at the empty seat at the left side of me and see Alexa with blonde hair and blue eyes though her glasses. She stutter a lot which made me wanted to kill myself but I still love her. She died of a asthma attack when Frieth-the evil bitch in the school- took her healer from her desk. Yeah, Frieth was a huge bitch for that and a murderer.

"Okay, I am not." I mumble; "What are you doing here anyway?"

"I-I-I j-just w-wanted yo-ou to b-be a-alright i-in s-school," Alexa stutters.

"I am fine. You don't need to be like my mom," I laugh.

Alexa smiles and looks at the board that was at the front. She stares at my paper in front of me and notices that I draw  a demon in red. I actually saw it when I was in my dorm, sleeping. It was beside me, trying to touch me with its claws. She looks back at me and asks, "Hey, y-y-you k-know a-a-about t-them?"

"Yeah, I know th-" I then cut off by Mr. Trita's voice. BORING!

"Hey, Miarl! Stop talking!" He yells.

I notice that Alexa disappear. I stare at the teacher as I try to think of something to say. Then, Frieth yell to me, "What wrong!? You don't want to tell the teacher that you are weirdo!" Everyone laughs at her joke. I growl in anger that she is nothing but a bitch. I hate her black hair with purple streaks and her slutty clothes. I think she have STDs after sleeping with boys at parties.

Finally, the bell ring for lunch and everyone walks outside to the hallways. I walk over to my locket that has WEIRDO in white text. I sigh as I open my locket. I stare at my family photo that we took in Roman. We were smiling and laughing as a happy family, but now it is not. 

"I will see you somewhere in New England, mum and dad," I whisper.

At the lunchroom, I am eating my sandwich alone yet with David. He has a black hair and green eyes. He is the one who always hang out with me even though people don't see him. He died of being stabbed by his friend while they fight about football. He is the pretty cool guy to talk about your problems.

"So you think that you see one in your dome?" David asked.

"Yeah, I see different colors of them every night. I don't know how they be so scary," I confess. Yes, I am scare of those things but I don't WUSS out. I AM A BRAVE WOMAN! 

"Well, Miarl, I know that I am a ghost, but I don't know about them. Sorry..." He said in disappointed.

"It's okay," I replied with a smile.

David gave me a bright smile. As I eat along with him, I notice Frieth-THE HOE- and her slutty friends are bullying a thick girl with long, red ponytail. I can hear them laughing at her and calling her fatty fuck. God, I hate how people check people by their looks. I decide to tell her to leave her alone. 

"I will be right back," I tell David. 

I walk over to the girls as the fat girl looks down in shame. "Hey!" I shouted, "Leave her alone!"

They stop laughing like wiches and look at me. Frieth walks over to me. God, her face is full of makeup. She look like a clown. "Or what?" she says, laughing.

"Then, I will make you pay, you ugly bitch!" I yell as I point at her.

The girls laugh again and they went closer to me. "Oh, we love you to try." I steppe back as they get closer with their clown faces. I HATE CLOWNS!!

Then, I ssee David flow over to them as I shake my head for to stop. Frieth chuckles.

"What's wrong? Not ready for your ass beating?"

Suddenly, David raises his hands as the food flow up and fly at the three whores. They scream as they melt in food and ran out of the lunchroom. I smile at David who was by the chubby girl. She smiles back even though it was for my ghostly friend. Then, Mr. Grunge-The Teacher Who Hates Me And Fuck Frieth- walks over to me and yells, "Why you did that to that sweet girl?!" -You meant sweet girl, I meant your side bitch- "You are going to my office! Now!"

He grabs my arm and marches me to the principal's office. 

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