When Death Loved

When Death falls in love with a girl of the Light, tragedy is sure to follow...


1. When Death Loved

In life, the two noble powers, Birth and Death

Whose balanced struggle is catalyst for the rest

Birth starts a life that it's Death's job to take

With Birth's son, Love, and Death's son Pain

Companions to hold until dust in a grave

There once was a power who ruled beneath

He'd steal the lost and smite the weak

He held man's life in his cold, cruel grasp

Without a moment of light to last

He'd visit the people, a harbinger sans ruth

Bringing news of a barren, hideous truth

Then steal away, fast as shadow rolls

Bringing with him expired human souls

Death was ruthless, death was cold

Death had no problems with himself to behold

He reveled in sadness, he thrived in blood red

He garnered his power from tears, victims shed

Then one day, a golden beam of light

The one golden ray that Death cannot smite

A soft light beam was born at the crack of dawn

And Death felt something he knew was wrong

The baby girl, such a small babe

She grew up in safety, out of Death's way

But Death could not keep away from her for long so light

He had to see her, be near her, so he visited her one night

He took not the girl, for then he could not even hope

But instead, her mother, whose thread of life he cut the rope

And the girl was saddened, desolate she cried

But Death couldn't find it in him to allow her to die

So he saved his visit to her for the last one to bring

Visiting her father and brother next he came, her heartstrings

But the girl became depressed and wished not for him

But instead she pulled the dagger out on a whim

The pain was too much for her to await her Death's part

She pulled the knife out and held it over her heart

She took her own life and robbed Death of his visit too much

And she passed to forever, without Death having one touch

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