Her life

this is a girl who is a in love with a gangster but someone else would love to kill him so bad, this girl is a rich girl, she has demon butler and a little brother.


5. Zero, my bodyguard

The next day, I went to school and I saw Zero, he came up and said "where the hell have you been?" I said "I was at home and you don't need to worry at all," Zero said " oh is that so, then who is he?" I turned around and I saw Kayuri, I said "He's my boyfriend," Zero said "oh hey you, are you her boyfriend?" Kayuri said "Yes, is there a problem with me being with her?" Zero said "Yeah, there is a problem, I know who you are, you're a gangster!!" The cops heard Zero and they started to chase Kayuri, I tried to go with Kayuri, but I couldn't because Zero grabbed me by the arm and he said "what the hell is wrong with you?" I said "Let go of me!!" He said "NO!!" I said "NOW, YOU'RE HURTING ME!!" Kayuri heard me and he came back for me, he punched Zero  in the jaw. We ran to Kayuri's house. Would Zero come after us???

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