Her life

this is a girl who is a in love with a gangster but someone else would love to kill him so bad, this girl is a rich girl, she has demon butler and a little brother.


8. The Russian Mafia

I heard Ciel crying and screaming in pain, when I arrived, I saw the Russian Mafia's Boss there hurting him, then Ciel said "I order you to kill the Boss!!!" I said "As you wish, young master." I pulled out my sword and cut my hand, my blood travel through the space of the sword, then I went after him, he started shooting at me with a 36 caliber, then I said "off with your head," then I cut him in pieces. Kayuri saw me transformed into my demon form. Kayuri said "Yuki," I said "yeah, what's the matter?" He said "Is that really you, you're so hot!" I said "Thanks," Ciel said "Yuki, can you help me, please?" I said "Oh dear, yeah here, little brother." Kayuri said "this little guy is your little brother?" I said "Yup, this is my little brother, plus, him and our butler, Sebastian is my only family," Kayuri said "you have a butler!?" Ciel said "Yes, what's the problem with that?" Kayuri said "Oh nothing, is that your sister didn't tell me that you guys were rich!" I said "Well, I'm sorry that I forgot to tell you that we're rich but why is that matter to you?" Kayuri said "I hate rich people because they kill my parents with their bodyguards!" I was shocked that he hated rich people.

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