Her life

this is a girl who is a in love with a gangster but someone else would love to kill him so bad, this girl is a rich girl, she has demon butler and a little brother.


2. The order

The boys started to gather around us then they started to kick me over and over, then Zero said "you boys are going to the headmaster's office," they started to run to the headmaster's office since Zero scared them, I said "I didn't need your help, you jerk!" Zero said "You're just a idiot girl, you're not strong enough to take them boys on by yourself," I said "I'm strong enough to fight you!!" I ran home by walking then I bumped into a mobster, then he said "hey, miss, are you okay?" I collapsed then I saw Zero coming after me then I heard him yelling my name but I couldn't get up, so, the guy took me with him and Zero couldn't find me at all.

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