Her life

this is a girl who is a in love with a gangster but someone else would love to kill him so bad, this girl is a rich girl, she has demon butler and a little brother.


6. Kayuri and I

We arrived at Kayuri's house, I said "Kayuri, it so much," he said "where does it hurt?" I said "On my arms," he said "so, what happen back there, so now I'm your 'boyfriend'," I said "yeah, I'm sorry about that, it's just that Zero just wanted to know where I've been." He said "that guy is right, I'm a gangster, you should go," I said "no, I'm not going, it doesn't matter that if you're a gangster or not, I'm still in love with you." He turned around and he started to kiss me, I was truly in love with him, then we went to his bed, and we started to tell each other about ourselves again. Then we fell asleep in his bed, together, then we heard knocking on the door, his brother said "come on man, open the stupid door, Kayuri,"  so, Kayuri went to the door and opened it. Kayuri's brother said "aw, you were asleep, weren't you?" Kayuri said "shut the hell up, man, we have a guest," he came back into the room and grabbed me by my hand, he said "Monri, this is my girl, Yuki, Yuki this is my brother, Monri," I said "it's a pleasure to met you," Monri said "the pleasure is all mine." The cops were looking and knocking on doors and showing a picture of me and Kayuri, but when they came to our door, they thought that no one was here since we turned the lights off quickly. I said "are they gone?" Kayuri said "Yup, them idiot cops are gone," I said "may I used your guys' bathroom, please?" Monri said "Yeah, go ahead, show her where the bathroom?" Kayuri was showing me where the bathroom, then I stopped for a couple of minutes, he said "are you okay?" I said "Yeah, I'm fine," then he helped me to the bathroom, he saw my hands on my chest, then I stand up so quickly since we heard gunshots in the kitchen where Monri was at.  

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