Her life

this is a girl who is a in love with a gangster but someone else would love to kill him so bad, this girl is a rich girl, she has demon butler and a little brother.


7. I'm going to protect you with my life

After the gunshots in the kitchen, we came out of the bathroom and we saw Monri on the floor, bleeding, I smelled the blood and I started to hear footsteps that were coming behind us, then I pulled out a gun from my pants. Kayuri was shocked that I had a gun with me, then he turned around, he saw a thug robbing his house, I said "who send you?" He said "Well, they were telling the truth, about you being very beautiful," I said "do I have to say the question, again?" He said "Nope, the Russian Mafia send me to get you," I said "tell them that they could burn in hell." Then I pulled the trigger and started to cry because the Russian Mafia killed my parents, Kayuri pulled me to his body, then I pulled away. I heard Ciel calling me, so, I ran out of Kayuri's house and I ran so fast and then Kayuri was going after me.

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