A Girl invisible to the rest of the world. If she doesn't want to be seen, then nobody sees her. Nobody even knows who she is; that's why she is the best in the business.
If you need her services then she'll come to you.


1. Whistling Noise

"We have made our decision." Agent Baker swiveled round in his chair behind the humongous desk. It was slightly ridiculous but he did love drama; even if this was hilarious to watch, nobody ever laughed, who knew what the consequences would be.

The three of them stood: hands behind their backs, straight shoulder and not a hair out of place. "You are the highest ranking students we have had in the organisations history." They nodded in unison as a sort of thank you gesture. "As a show of the trust we now have in you we, and by we I mean I, have decided to place you all in the covert affairs faction. I understand they teach you what each faction does and the level needed to gain access to the faction."

"Yes Sir." It was Lloyd who answered for them all. He was the highest ranking in the final tests swiftly followed by the drawing of Vincent and Tony.

"Very well. You will begin today, there will be an escort waiting outside to take you over and finish the forms for you. You are dismissed." With that they left.


Just as the download finished, I noticed a file on the last operation I did. Looking at my watch I realised that it had taken less time than I expected to get the information required. I still had fifteen minutes left before anyone would even begin to suspect something was wrong. Looking back to the monitor, I began to look through the file. I'm not sure what I was expecting to find, I just wanted to make sure they weren't onto me.

I would have sighed in relief but it wasn't too surprising they had no leads to the Mauritius ambassador assassination. When I say they have no leads I literally mean nothing, no clues, no footage, nothing.

For some reason, after that, my curiosity spiked and I felt the urge to look into past operations and see if they had anything on them. The next thing I searched for was the Agent Anthony case. All I could find was his own file so I clicked on that and went to the page titled 'Timeline'.

All it had on his death was the date. All it had on him apart from that was the date he joined the organisation. Something was very wrong about this, not quite right. I would have pondered over this a little more but my watch beeped telling me times up. Making sure none of the actions I performed were traceable in any way, I then left. Nobody seemed to have realised I had hacked into their computers, which also seemed wrong, in fact this whole operation seemed wrong.

Something was different to the past jobs I had undertaken. As I ran through the corridors for the exit, my hand found its way to the belt around my waist which held four daggers, two guns and forty extra bullets that could either stun or kill: usually the extra bullets weren't needed but it was nice to know they were there.

A whistling noise filled the once silent air. I must have dodged it just in time as it quite literally flew right passed my ear. Simultaneously to the bullet near missing me, my hands found the guns on my waist, pulling them out and aiming them at my target. Of course, I'm using stun bullets as killing is not priority. They can't see my face as a bandanna is covering my face so killing would just make it easier for them to catch me as I'm pretty sure an agent being killed is what makes them send an army down.

My eyes fell on the target and I pulled the trigger. I didn't need to watch the bullet land to know I was on target. Someone set me up. it was the only explanation, I don't know how and I certainly don't know who but they have. Nobody knew I was here, this operation was between me and my client, who is locked in a high security, secret prison and is also, very surprisingly, the Mauritian ambassador. Don't ask how, it's a long story. My watch read eleven thirty six GMT, the time meant that the camera loop was no longer in place. I had done the unthinkable, something I had managed to avoid for eleven years: I had gotten distracted.

Sirens began to go off alerting people I was here. The best thing to do now was let them catch me. It always made it a whole lot easier to escape as they under estimate you.

Guards surrounded me quickly and red lights lights me up from the dozens of lasers waiting for the kill order. I put my hands behind my head. Behind me someone walked up. I couldn't turn around to see who it was, all I know about them was that they shot something into my neck.

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