Babysitting One Direction

All 18-year old Anna Lee wanted was a summer babysitting job. That's exactly what she got when she received a call from someone named Simon requesting a babysitter for his five sons. Who knew that the five boys would be the boy band One Direction? Or that sometimes they'd be babysitting her!


17. Babysitting Superman

"SUPERMAN!" Shouted a familar voice. I opened my eyes to see Louis pounding on his chest and standing on his chair. I rolled my eyes at his childness.

"Have a seat, superman, and buckle your seat belts. We're about to land in Doncaster!" Announced a voice over the intercom. I laughed as Louis quickly jumped into to his seat and buckled up. He looked over at me and signaled a thumbs up. I rolled my eyes again.

The plane started to descend and I gripped the armrest and closed my eyes. I felt a hand over mine and opened my eyes to see Louis smiling down at me. I smiled weakly back and the plane touched the ground. My body jerked back as the spped slowly started to decrease. The plane pulled into a private gate and came to a complete stop. Louis stood up as soon as the seat belt sign went off and grabbed our bags out of the carry-on area.

I shakily stood up and instantly felt dizzy. I grabbed Louis' shoulder for support, which obviously didn't go well as we ended up in the pile of bags on the floor.

"Sorry Louis." I muttered. He started laughing. I looked at him quizically.

"What's so funny?"

"I don't know!" He replied between laughter. I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever Superman."

"Are you excited?" Louis asked picking up our various bags.

"More nervous." I admitted quietly. He smiled.

"You'll do fine! Our family will love you!" I smiled as he said our. "Don't worry!" I saluted him and said



"Did you just call me ma'am?" He asked suspiciously. I raised an eyebrow at him.

"It would appear that way."

"So what? I'm Louis Tomlinson?" I nodded at him.

"Yes Ma'am." I replied.

"Well then, hello Arnold."

"Arnold? Who the heck is Arnold?" I asked.

"That's your man name." Louis replied.

"So now I'm a man?" I retorted.

"It would appear that way." Louis mocked. I rolled my eyes.

"Shut up Louis."

"Yes sir!"

"I said shut up."

"Nuh uh."

"Uh huh."

"Nuh uh."

"Uh huh."

"Nuh uh."

"Shut it Tomlinson." I yelled.

"You're a Tomlinson too." He pointed out. I rolled my eyes.

"Oh really? I didn't seem to notice!"

"Uh huh. Sure."

"Nuh uh."

"Ya huh."

"Nuh uh."

"Ya huh."

"Nanana boo boo!" He screamed. An old lady flight attendant peeked around the corner.

"It's time to get off the plane Mr. and Mrs. Tomlinson." She said politely. Louis and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. She looked at us like we were the weirdest people she had ever met.

"What's so funny?" She exclaimed. 'De ja vu.' I thought to myself of Louis and my conversation that had only been moments ago.

"We're---not----married!" Louis yelled to the startled woman between laughter. "Are we, Anna Lee?"

"News to me!" I replied, still huddled over in laughter.

"Well, It's time to exit the plane." The old lady said. Louis nodded and skipped out the door. Do you think he forgot something? The answer is yes, yes he did. He forgot the bags.

I picked all of them up and said a quick thank you to the flight attendant and quickly exited the plane. The bright sunlight almost blinded me. I glanced around to see him lip-locked with a beautiful brunette... 'that must be Eleanor.' I thought.

Next to them were obviously Louis' four younger sisters... our younger sisters... and my mother and step-father. The girls were a splitting image of Jay with a tad of Lou and I's step father mixed in. Lou and I must take after Dad. I shivered at the thought and began to make my way over to the small crowd Louis' family made. Then I realized: this group of wonderful looking people is my family. Tears came to my eyes at the thought and I quickly rushed over to them as fast as I could with seven bags.. which I dropped as my mother held her arms out to me. I quickly let myself into her warm embrace as her tears dropped in my hair as she stroked it.

"Oh, Anna Lee." She sobbed, "I'm so sorry I let you go!" I hugged her tightly and pulled away to kiss her cheeks.

"It's okay, Mum. I'm here now." I replied to her soothingly, rubbing her back. She pulled back into the hug, giving me one last squeeze before pulling out and smiling at me.

"Enough of that!" She exclaimed, "Introductions! Anna Lee, meet Lottie, Fizz, Phoebe, Daisy, and your step father, Jacob."

I smiled down at my little sisters and they squeezed me into a huge hug. I couldn't stop smiling. This was officially the best day of my life.

So far.




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