Babysitting One Direction

All 18-year old Anna Lee wanted was a summer babysitting job. That's exactly what she got when she received a call from someone named Simon requesting a babysitter for his five sons. Who knew that the five boys would be the boy band One Direction? Or that sometimes they'd be babysitting her!


14. Babysitting Liam

Anna Lee's POV

"They're so cute." a voice says, awakening me from my peaceful slumber. I heard a camera click.

"Should we wake them up?"

"Probably before Lou gets up."

"WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE?" Lou's voice shrieks. I open one eye to see Louis storming into my room. Just then I realized Liam and I must have fallen asleep together last night watching the movie. I sat up and rubbed my eyes.

"I SAID, WHAT'S GOING ON!?" Louis screamed. I winced at how much he sounded like Dad.

"We watched a movie last night---" Liam started.

"NOT FROM YOU. ANNA LEE. WHAT HAPPENED." Louis demanded. I yawned and stretched my arms, trying to keep my cool.

"We were watching a movie late last night and I guess we fell asleep." I replied. "Keep your pants on."

"Fine." He huffed. "But don't let it happen again." I bit my lower lip and looked away. I heard a sigh and footsteps walking out of the bedroom. I poked Liam who was staring at the ceiling. He turned to look at me and his face broke into a smile.

"Hey Anna Lee. What's up?!" My lower lip quivered and I burst into fresh tears. I have never cried so much in my life.

"He's not going to turn into Dad, right Liam?" I asked hiccuping. I felt him stiffen under me.

"Turn into your dad? Louis would never ever hurt you Anna Lee. It's only been a few days, but he's already super protective of you." He replied. I sighed.

"Why me?" I moaned. Liam laughed.

"Because your Louis' sister. He's so protective of the other four..."

"FOUR?!" I shrieked loudly, cutting him off. He smirked.

"Yep. You have four younger sisters!" My face broke into a smile and I ran down the hallway screaming. Louis jumped out of his room.

"Are you okay?" He asked. Concern was edged into his voice.

"TAKE ME TO MY SISTERS!" I shrieked. "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME WE HAVE SISTERS!?" Relief flooded his face when I asked him.

"I forgot." He replied, rubbing the back of his head. I hit the top of his head. "What was that for?"

"Not telling me we have sisters." I slapped him again. "That was for bursting into my room this morning." Once again I hit him.

"What was that for?!" Louis exclaimed childishly. I grinned sheepishly.

"I felt like it!" I ran down the hallway as Louis chased me. Dang, he's faster and I could tell he was hot on my heels. Just then he let out a battle cry and jumped on top of me, knocking me face first into the carpet.

"Lou." I moaned.

"Your ribs!" He yelled to himself and got off of me. I jumped up and ran down the hall to my room.

"By the way, Lou. My ribs feel better!" I screamed over my shoulder. I slammed the door shut and locked it. Louis pounded on the door.

Works every time.


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