Babysitting One Direction

All 18-year old Anna Lee wanted was a summer babysitting job. That's exactly what she got when she received a call from someone named Simon requesting a babysitter for his five sons. Who knew that the five boys would be the boy band One Direction? Or that sometimes they'd be babysitting her!


8. Babysitting Anna Lee

Liam's POV


"Liam... Read my... Dog tag... Take me.... To the hossspitalllll." Anna Lee slurred. Her eyes shut and I grabbed the chain that was hidden underneath her shirt.

Patient #1246 Panic Attack Disorder; Life Threatening Alcohol Allergy.

I screamed.

"HARRY STYLES! SHE HAS AN ALCOHOL ALLERGY! GET HER IN THE CAR NOW!" I yelled, picking her up and running out the door. The boys were hot on my tail as we ran outside of the house where Louis was sitting in the car. He gasped when we got in with her limp body.

"What happened?" He asked.

"Drive!" Niall barked, "We'll tell you on the way!" Louis pushed the gas and the car sped off. Zayn started to explain what happened to her and Louis grimaced.

"Sorry about the vodka. Last night me and Harry were messing around and we switched it with the water pitcher in the fridge." He said sighing. Harry patted his back.

"I'm sorry. It's my fault too." He said.

"Guys! Can we just get to the hospital already? You know she could die from that vodka she drank!" I screeched. The car became silent as Louis drove the rest of the way to the hospital. He pulled up at the emergency entrance and I jumped out of the car with Anna Lee in my arms inside.

"Help!" I yelled. "She accidentally drank alcohol and has a serious allergy!" Several nurses rushed up to help and I followed them into a hospital room where they put Anna Lee in the bed.

"Sir, your going to have to leave." One of them said. I nodded and sat in a chair out in the hallway. The boys soon appeared and sat down next to me. I put my head in my hands.

"She's only been with us three hours and we already made her cry, have a panic attack, drink vodka, and take her to the hospital." I said. "Simon is going to KILL US!"

Niall sighed and Harry ran a hand through his hair, a sure sign that he was upset. Just then, Louis' phone rang.

"Ello?" He answered. His eyes turned wide. "We forgot. Sorry." He paused, looking at me breifly. "We're at the hospital. NO WAY!" Louis groaned. "I'm so sorry, Simon. Harry gave her vodka and she has an alcohol allergy. Mhm. We'll call you when she gets released. Bye Uncle Si." Louis shut his phone and turned to look at us.

"We missed dinner at Simon's house." He said. We groaned. "Simon is mad at us for that and not taking proper care of her and whatever. Oh yeah. Paparazzi got pictures of you running with Anna Lee into the hospital and it's already all over the Internet." I groaned and A nurse with a clip board walked out of the room.

"All here for... Anna Lee?" She asked. We all stood up and she smiled. "By the way, we need her last name?" We all looked at each other.

"We don't know it." I replied. The nurse nodded.

"We'll have a finger print scan ASAP. Also...

"We managed to get her breathing to a normal level and 95% of the alcohol out of her system. Three of her right ribs are broken." She bit her lip and smiled at us sadly. "She is also in a coma."

Niall cursed under his breath. Harry looked like he was about to pull his own hair out. Zayn had his eyes closed and anyone could tell he was Trying not to cry. Tears ran down Louis' cheeks as he realized that it's basically his fault. I stood there frozen like I couldn't even breathe.

"When will she get out of the coma?" I asked quietly. The nurse sighed.

"It could be minutes. Hours. Days. Weeks. Months. We don't know. It really just depends. We are planning on trying to pull her out of the coma tomorrow if she doesn't wake up by then." I nodded and she walked down the hallway. Harry ran a hand through his hair.

"Geez." He muttered to himself.



Harry's POV


This day honestly can't get any worse. First a hot girl moves in and rejects me. Second, I accidentally give her vodka instead of water. Third, It's all my fault she's in a coma!

Uggghhhh. I just want to yell at the top of my lungs right now.

We walked into Anna Lee's hospital room two hours later. Her body looked stiff besides the rise and fall of her chest. Her dark brown hair was strewn over the large white pillow. A steady beep came from the heart monitor in the corner of the room.

Gosh, I wish she was awake so I could see her eyes. Her big, beautiful brown eyes.

I like her. She is so much different from the other girls that fall at my feet and want me to have sex with them. Most of the time I do. Have sex with them, I mean. But... Anna Lee is different. I surprisingly don't want to get into her pants. I want to have a real relationship with her, like Liam and Louis have with Danielle and Eleanor. But how can I when she already rejected me?



Niall's POV


Harry is nervous. I can tell. It's Harry for god sakes... I've never seen him run his hand through his hair so much. Ever. I know he likes Anna Lee too.

Yes, I like her. But Harry always gets the girls.


But maybe, this once, I can get the girl...



Louis' POV


I walked over to her hospital bed and sat down on a hard plastic chair, sighing

A nurse walked into the room.

"Okay. Which one of you are responsible for her?" She asked. I jumped up.

"Me." I said before Liam could speak up. She nodded.

"Come with me please." She replied walked out of the room. I followed her down the hallway into a small office.

"Sit down." She said motioning towards a chair. I quickly sat and turned to look at her.

"We have done a thorough check up on her body and she has numerous scratches and bruises. She has obviously been abused." She said. My mouth dropped open. No way!

"We also had her finger print scanned and have located her. Here is her birth certificate." She said handing me a sheet of paper. I looked down and read it.

What the heck??!!

I blacked out.










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