the long trip

Harrys sister comes home from a long trip with an extra passenger


1. coming home

Gemma is coming home from a long 12 mouth trip with a baby girl named Maya, when she gets home everyone's faces drop and looked at Maya.

"gem what is a baby doing in your arms." her mom asked "its mine her name is Maya harry your her uncle and I would love you to be her godfather." she said "I would love too can I hold her." he said "of course her." Gemma said

after everyone got use to having Maya around they couldn't wait to help take care of her.

1 year later its Mayas first birthday and everyone's so excited that they get to have her for her birthday. 

2 years later and Maya said

"mommy I love you and want to be just like you when I grow up and I would love to dance just like you, and uncle harry I want to be just like you too a great singer." she said

everyone was so happy when she said that and couldn't wait to make her dreams come true

3 its her 3 birthday and they tell Maya that she's in dance class and that she will be in singing class next year, she's so happy that she dances around and screaming at the same time.

5 weeks later and Maya says she wants to go to the park and when they get there she rolls down the hill and jumps on the swing.

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