the long trip

Harrys sister comes home from a long trip with an extra passenger


2. acciedents


"momma can you push me in the swing please." Maya said "yes and then we will go home to have lunch." Gem said

when they where headed to the car with harry and Anne a crazy drunk driver came and struck Maya she died as it hit her, everyone cried and tried to get her back but her tiny body was broken.

5 days later her funeral day came and it was Gemma's turn to talk.

"my baby girl is the best thing that ever happened to me and I can't believe she's gone just like that she only got 3 years into her life and I totally wanted a 100 more years for her, she loved to sing clearly it runs in the family and 5  weeks ago I enrolled her in a dance studio for Arco and ballet because that's what I do im a contemporary, Arco, and ballet dancer and she told me she wanted to be just like me for dancing and just like harry for singing she looked up to us and I let her down it should have been me getting hit by that truck not my baby girl god I miss her." Gemma said

when they left they went home to grieve and Gemma said that she's leaving home and going back to her long trip because she thinks it will help get her mind off of things, they try to make her stay but she leaves the next day.

the end hope you enjoyed the story.


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