Nialls forgotten sister! part 3 the finale book!

if you didn't read part 1,2 you should to understand part 3 the finale round.
this last one is about how they end up finding her and they now decide who gets her.


1. running

As Nevaeh runs for her life she decides to run into a forest and hind in there.

3 hours later she heres her name being called by the police and her friends, she wants to go towards them but just runs the other way.

the next day...

"I can't believe we couldn't find her anywhere I mean she's on foot it can't be that hard to find her." niall said very worried "it gets really cold tonight like -16 degrees she's going to freeze out there." zayn said worried

when night time fell Nevaeh got really cold almost looked blue mixed with being pale from no food or water for 2 days straight, she tries to find shelter but there is none so she decides to run to the motel where the boys are staying before she dies from the cold.

when she gets there she has no strength to knock that's when she falls into the door and the boys here a big thump and went to open it. 

"oh thank god Nevaeh, quick lets get her warmed up." niall said as they carry her over to the bed with warm fuzzy blankets

Nevaeh wakes up 3 minutes later

"hey do you guys have any water I could drink." she said "of course, now never do that again we where worried sick about you I thought you where dead somewhere in a river or in a pile of wood." niall said

The next day Nevaeh says things that change everything.

"guys listen up, im not going home and im not going with you, I've decided to leave forever where I will never be found I'll keep in contact with you niall and maybe the rest of you but im not sure yet, now I'll try to find you guys where ever you go but not always I can't risk being found by anyone else so this is goodbye I love you guys with all my heart be safe my family." Nevaeh said while walking towards the door crying. 


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