Nialls forgotten sister! part 3 the finale book!

if you didn't read part 1,2 you should to understand part 3 the finale round.
this last one is about how they end up finding her and they now decide who gets her.


2. later on

after 2 years of running and trying not to be sine Nevaeh decides to meet one direction in japan where no one will know here.

when she gets to there room in the hotel she tries not to be nervous but its hard when you haven't seen them in 2 years but only talked on the phone.

knock, knock

"hey guys missed me." she said "yes come here I just want to hug you and never let you go." niall said "where have you been." harry says "everywhere looking out for you guys, I just couldn't bear seeing all of you again its just so hard having no one with me running." she said

after they talk and cry she says goodbye again and gives them a paper with where she goes when there not touring its says "its a safe place no one knows where it is and I go there all the time when you guys are off, please come visit me when ever just text me though love you Nevaeh."

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