Just Another Fan

Ellie is just a normal 18 year old girl who loves OneDirection, she goes to one of their concerts and everything turns upside down


7. Chapter 7

Harry's POV

she was well cute she was still like half asleep her hair was every where and she got up to go and get a drink

'morning ellie'

'morning harry did u go to bed lastnight????'

'no i did'nt you fell asleep on me and i didn't want to wake you up but i still slept well'

'oh sorry about that i was just so tired last night i must of fell asleep but i can't rember you on the sofa with me'

'oh no i got on just as you were falling asleep them you fell asleep on my chest'

then she made herself a cup of tea and went to go and see if the girls were up and she seemed to stay in there for a while

Ellie's POV

KATELYN KARA wake up i shouted and i must of scared them a bit because they sat bolt upright and then fell back and let there head hit the pillow girls omg i fell asleep on the sofa last night and harry got on there with me and i fell asleep on his chest how come you didn't wake me up when you went to bed???

'harry said to leave you because you seemed comfortable so we did we left you and went to bed i kept thinking about you and thinking if you were okay but i didn't get out of bed to come and see you' katelyn said

'well i was fine but harry didn't go to bed he had to lie on the sofa and i think he is tired but he won't go to bed so im just gonna leave him for a bit and see if he is happier later on' i said

he is in a bad mood ?? thats not like him' kara said

then i left the room and went back into the living room and i had a convostation with liam

' hiya liam do u know whats the matter with harry he dosen't seem himself this morning' i said

' its ummm he likes you ALOT but he just dosen't know how to tell you and i think he is a bit worried about what your gonna think' liam replied

' okay do u think i should go and talk to him about it ???' i asked

'yeahhh try it see what he says'

so i went to go find harry and he was in his room i walked in and sat on his bed with him and said

' liam has told me how you feel about me and im totally fine with that but i just wanna here it from you because we arn't a thing me and you are we ??' i asked him

'umm well no but i want some to happen between us like when i saw you at the concert i was like wow she ispretty i told louis and he goes well she is good looking so i don't blame you but your not going to see her again so thats why i asked for your number because i wanted to see you again but just as friends' harry said

' well look harry what going on because i like you too but im only a fan you have so many other fans like millions of fans so whats happening with us then'

' your more than a fan to me ellie dou wanna be with me ??'

' awhhhh harry of course i would but how are we gonna see each other im going home tommrow'

' stay here with us you 18 so you have finshed school now so you won't have to go back'

'harry but i have a family and your not always gonna be here all the time anyway'

'come on tour with us we will go home to your family and you can tell them what happend surley they will let you'

' okay but i can't leave kara and katelyn'

' you won't have to they can come with us it will be great'

'this is about me and you harry though i don't want to be in the way while you are on tour'

' ellie you will never be in my way look ellie just give it a go me and you'

' okay but i have to go home and say bye to my family'

' thats fine that will happen so are me and you together'

'yes we are'

im just another fan how could this be happening to me im an ordinary 18 year old and one concert lead to every thing

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