Just Another Fan

Ellie is just a normal 18 year old girl who loves OneDirection, she goes to one of their concerts and everything turns upside down


22. Chapter 22

Ellie's POV

I'm so nervous me and Anne we walking to his room which was the other side of the hospital right down the everlasting corridor

We finally reach his room and Anne goes to open the door for me

'Come on sweetheart let's go in' she smiled

'You can go in without me I'll be in,in a few seconds just prepare myself' I mumbled

'Okay just come in when your ready' Anne said and walked into the room

I took a deep breath to prepare myself for what I'm going to see and walked into the room

'H..Harry' I whispered

'Hiya babe' he smiled and sat up slowly'

At that point I ran over to him and gave him a big hug

'Wooah tiger steady on' he laughed

'W..when did this happen' I said sniffling into his jumper

'Babe don't cry I'm okay see' he lifted my chin up

'I was on the way to the shop to go get some food when Liam and Louis were on the way back from where ever they went I was on a roundabout and the car spun and flipped and I blacked out and woke up here' Harry mumbled

'I missed you so much I know it was only a few hours and I had you playing on my mind all the way home from Manchester you were in the back of my mind just please be more careful and safe and promise me it won't happen again I know I only found out a few hours ago,hours after everyone did but just please never leave me just please never die of do anything stupid until I do because I'll miss you so much' I sobbed into him

' Awh princess I promise it will never happen again and I promise to be more careful and I promise I'll never leave you and I promise not to do stupid things I love you so much Ellie' Harry smiled

'I love you too styles' I grinned

We talked for another 15 minutes and once or twice I looked over to Anne and she had a grin on her face watching us, the stuff we talked about was random but I loved it the I realised I've been in here for 30 minutes and the others want to see him as well

'Harry I'm going to go now as everyone else wants too see you they have been waiting hours more than me and they are just as important as i am so I'll be in the waiting room with Anne' I said going to the door

'Okay princess I'll see you later' he mumbled

And with that I walked down the everlasting hallway till I finally got to the waiting room and they all jumped up at once and Niall fired a load of questions at me

'Look Niall instead of asking me all theses questions go and see him but you can only take one person as two people are only allowed in a room at a once

Niall and Louis went in and after about 15 minutes they came out then Liam Zayn and Katelyn went in and thought this whole thing me and Anne were sat in the waiting room talking about what Harry was like as a child

'You know Ellie I don't know what you did to my son at that meet and greet but it worked it must of been as soon as you left I got a text saying he's just seen the most beautiful girl in the world she had hair down to her hips and it sat lovely on her head, beautiful sea blue eyes, and lovely pink lips and an amazing bum, the bum part was totally Harry and I was shocked that he said the rest because he doesn't usually say stuff like that apart from the bum thing and I knew he was in love because something changed about him that night and he haven't changed back since and I like this new Harry' Anne smiled at me

'Wow we I don't think I did anything to him I just gave him a hug and asked for an autograph and well unless I have a magic touch I don't know, oh I have a nice bum do I well I'll be talking to him about that and well I'm happy you like how he's changed' I said with a huge clown grin on my face

'Well I'm happy your the one that has done this to him, he's never been this way about a girl and well you and Katelyn are now part of the family to all the boys and all boys parents your now family and I'm happy you are because you are a lovely charming girl and that's the sort if person I want Harry to have' Anne said happily

'Well I'm happy to be in this huge family and I'm happy I'm the sort of girl you want for Harry and I hope I make him happy as I have done you' I grinned

'well he don't stop talking about you so I think you've already made him happy as he can be so thankyou' Anne once again smiled

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