Just Another Fan

Ellie is just a normal 18 year old girl who loves OneDirection, she goes to one of their concerts and everything turns upside down


21. Chapter 21

*3 hours after Katelyn and Ellie arrived*

Ellie's POV

I just want him to wake up 3 hours here it's been horrible sat here all I've done is cry me and Niall have been the worst,and we haven't even seen him yet the doctors haven't been out we don't know nothing Louis has just hugged me and Zayn's with Niall

The doctors have still not been out we don't know what's happening at all

'Mrs styles?' The doctor questioned

'Um no I'm his girlfriend' I replied sniffling

'Are his parents here' the doctor once again questioned

'They are on there way' Louis piped up

'Right thankyou Mr styles is awake he's got a fractured leg and a broken arm we have stitched the back of his head where there was a big gash, and he has cuts and grazes' The doctor told us all

'Thankyou doctor when can we see him?' Niall and Liam asked

'As soon as the mother and father arrive as they should see him first when they come just go to Mr styles room, his room number is 6945 just go straight through' the doctor replied and walked down the corridor

*20 minutes later*

Anne came rushing in looking around and saw me cuddling Louis

'Oh Ellie I'm so sorry I didn't get here earlier the traffic was terrible' She blurts out

'Its fine, umm Harry's awake with a fractured leg and broken arm he's has stitches in his head and has cuts and grazes everywhere' I managed to stutter out

'Oh honey why didn't you go and see him' Anne questioned

'The doctor said the mother and father should see him first and said as soon as you get in here we go and see him' I said

'Oh sweetheart come on you can come in with me and the boys can go in with Katelyn after' she said grabbing my hand

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