Killing ME

With no memory as to what happened expect for the obvious fact that someone tried to kill her, Victoria makes it her mission to find the culprit and inflict her own version of justice. You see there's something the killer didn't know, something that no one knows; Victoria Burren can't be killed.


2. Prologue

The shadowed figure dragged the body farther away from the party and into the forest. Sweat was dripping down their forehead and their arms shook thanks to the heavy weight of the girl they had just murdered. It had gone exactly to plan, no in fact,  it had gone better than planned. They began to laugh as they continued to drag the body deeper into the eluding forest. Her face when she had seen the knife was comical they thought, but the best part was when they drove the knife straight into her stomach, repeatedly.

Deciding on a place to temporarily hide the body, the figure lay it under an old oak tree. Happy the dead girl was out of sight they turned and navigated their way back through woods and back out into the street. They planned to return later to dispose of her sensibly, but for now they needed to go home, have a shower and get changed.

The evening had gone much better than anticipated they thought, as they hurried home.






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