The total amazeballs life of Lola Flinch.

Lola Flinch is a normal 16 year old girl. When I say normal I don't mean normal at all. She got sent away to a Asylum and she's considered as crazy. Her old town friend Robbie Goodfellow appears in town again except he's in the asylum too. When things start to turn freaky Lola finds out her true destiny.

(Starts off as a diary then goes to Pov)


3. Saturday 14th September.

I absolutely think I know Robbie Goodfellow (that's the new boy) he said his parents sent him here because he was seeing things , (like me) But he's had more experience, and he has talked to a few! This is how our conversation went.

Me: *bumps into Robbie* oh god I'm sorry! *was writing in diary*

Him: *laughs* it's fine! I'm Robbie. You're Lola.

Me: *nods* *been talking for a while* why did you get sent here?

Him: I was told I was seeing things. But they are real! How about you?

Me: same *raises eyebrows* are they like inhuman creatures?

Him: *nods* lists of them!

Me: what about the furry things that have ears sticking sticking out their head and yellow eyes?

Him: oh don't mind them. They're harmless.

Me :okay.... *raises eyebrow* how do you know?

Him: uh ummmm *stammers* well I've talked to one. They're Neons, they like to make mischief.

Me: *nods slowly and starts to get to know each other.*

I can't believe it loony. Bug it's got to go. Bye! 😘

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