The total amazeballs life of Lola Flinch.

Lola Flinch is a normal 16 year old girl. When I say normal I don't mean normal at all. She got sent away to a Asylum and she's considered as crazy. Her old town friend Robbie Goodfellow appears in town again except he's in the asylum too. When things start to turn freaky Lola finds out her true destiny.

(Starts off as a diary then goes to Pov)


5. chapter one

PART ONE : the total amazeballs life of Lola Flinch!

'Sunday 20th September' I write in my diary. 'Same old same ol-' I get interrupted by someone knocking the door.

"Come in!" I shout putting the book and pen down.

A head pops around the edge of the door smiling from ear to ear.

"Hi Lucy." I laugh at the 6 year old.

"How are you today Lola?" She asks padding up to the bed after shutting the door. She climbs into the bed and sits cross legged.

"I'm grand. You?"

"I'm grand too." She giggles copying me. "There's a weird boy standing outside your door." She says furrowing her eyebrows together.

"Oh, really?" I ask raising a eyebrow. She nods quickly, "we'll go get him then!" She gets up quickly and runs outside. She comes back inside dragging a laughing Robbie Goodfellow.

"It was him!" She stated pointing up to him he looks over and me and shrugs smiling. "He wAs standing outside your door!" She adds.

"Was he now?" I look over at Robbie raising my eyebrows.'

"Okay. I was. I was thinking about chapping." He looks over at me. A slight blush creeping up his cheeks. "But I didn't know what you were doing and if you were busy or now..." He shrugs patting Lucy's head.

I nod. "Lucy this is Robbie, Robbie this is Lucy." I introduce them.

"Hiya Lucy." He chuckles waving at her.

"Hi Robbie !" She giggles waving back at him.

It's been a few weeks since I came here. I met Lucy after I met Robbie , Lucy is like a little sister to me now. Me and Robbie had started talking and we noticed we had been childhood friends before I moved, and here we both are at 16 years of age carrying on like we hadn't been separated in the beginning.

"Did you know they're going to give us trackers so we can go to a public school?" Robbie says sitting at the end of my bed getting comfy. I roll my eyes at him.

"So when's this taking place?" I ask sitting up crossing my legs.

"Today at 6:00, princess"

"How do you know that?"

"Because unlike you! I check my door for mail, princess !" He pulls out a sheet of paper from his pocket. I sigh and take it from him and unfold it reading it.

'Children under 18 will get a jag (tracker) today because they shall be going to a public school and we will need to keep track of them. It will take place today at 6:00. See yous there.



I handed it back to him with a sigh and stood up. I pull on a skirt and quickly a top. I look around to see Robbie smirking.

"Don't flatter yourself!" I say hitting his arm.

"I shall not, princess." He mumbles and we walk down to the hall where we were to meet.

#1 hour later#

I literally had five people pinning me down while they were putting he needle in. They needed a boys help so Robbie volunteered and held my shoulders down while trying not to laugh.

"That wasn't funny." I mumble as soon as we get out of the hall. I was literally on the verge of tears.

"It was a little it looked so wrong from behind." He says sniggering. I roll my eyes and we both walk into my room. Lucy sits on my bed her head tilted to the side. Before I can say anything she flies across the room arms outstretched. Robbie is suddenly in front of me.

"Arëon!" He shouts. Lucy falls back whimpering.

"what's wrong with her?!" I gasp looking at her. She was crouching with her hands over her earsz

"Princess... That's not Lucy.." Robbie turns to look at me. Red vibrant hair sits on his head and neon green eyes stare at me. I blink rubbing my eyes and he's back to the brown haired blue eyed Robbie .

I sudden take in what he just said and look at him confused. "What?!"

"That's a changeling , princess.."

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