The total amazeballs life of Lola Flinch.

Lola Flinch is a normal 16 year old girl. When I say normal I don't mean normal at all. She got sent away to a Asylum and she's considered as crazy. Her old town friend Robbie Goodfellow appears in town again except he's in the asylum too. When things start to turn freaky Lola finds out her true destiny.

(Starts off as a diary then goes to Pov)


8. chapter 4

I forced my eyes open and automatically checked my watch. I look at it for a while before I remembered that my watch had stopped working ever since I stepped foot in Neverever, 'or maybe time just doesn't exist here' I though. I sighed and sat up, I looked over to my side too see puck with his body twisted at an odd angle on the couch and with his arm sling over his eyes. And the other dangling off.

When I looked to the other side there was a window, and a candlelight shone through it one it dimmed down . A face appeared . A face I knew too well.


I jumped out of the bed and stood pulling on my jacket. Puck snorted and twisted facing away from me. I ignored him. Lucy was out there , I could get her and go home and forget this mess. I yanked open the door and stepped out, I was back to normal size again. Darkness greeted me.

"Lucy!" I called then looked about, I saw a orange light getting further away. "Lucy, wait!" I shouted and sprinted after her. My bait feet slapping on the cold ground and slipping on things. My toe stubbed something , it should of hurt but it didn't. MY BRAIN didn't register the pain.

I could see her just a-head holding out a candle infront of her. I kept rubbing but she always seemed the same distance away.

She stopped and turned smiling. The candle cast get face in a eerie glow. I put a burst of speed and when I was only a couple of feet away I fell down a slope, I went feet first in the ice cold water. It enclosed over my head. When I resurfaced the little light giggles at my humiliation then whiz zed away.

I shivered and made my way over to the slope I fell down. I looked for bits that I could hold onto to pull myself out. I found a branch, but as soon as I put my weight on it I fell back into the water making a splash. Then another splash rang from out further along along the river. I knew I wasn't alone. The night was eerie except for the buzzing of insects . I looked behind me. I must've imagined if, the only thing in the river was a log that seemed to be drifting towards me. I blinked then looked again. That log suddenly looked a lot like the too half of a horses head if a horse could swim like a alligator . And then I saw the dead white eyes, the thing shiny teeth, and panic rose up in me like a black tide.

I turned back towards the bank and began trying to climb up it. Climbs of dirt came loose but no change to where I was standing.

"Puck!" I screamed, I kept trying to climb. "Help me! Puck!" I shouted again. 'Oh god I'm going to die here!' I thought.

I looked over my shoulder. The horse thing was only a few feet away. It opened it's mouth revealing a mouth if pearly with jagged teeth. I clawed frantically at the bank- and felt a solid branch under my fingers, I grasped it, I felt it pulling me out of the water. It fling me about a foot away from the water. I looked over as the horse head abet under the water once again.

Puck found me minutes later, curled into a ball several yards away from the bank, wet to the skin and shaking like a leaf. His eyes were a mix of sympathy and exasperation as he pulled me up right.

"Are you alright?" He asked , rubbing his hands up and down my arms making sure I was in one piece . "Talk to me, princess."

"I say Lucy.." I mumbled, "then when I cought up to her she turned into a light and went away..." I shivered, "that wasn't Lucy was it?" I asked. "Just another faery playing with my feeling."

Puck led me back down the trail, "yea.." He muttered looking at me. "Wisps are like that. Making you see what you want to see, before leading you off the path. Though, that one seemed particularly spiteful , leading you right into a kelpies pond. I suppose I should tell you never to go off alone, but I think it'd be a waste of breath. Oh what the hell!" He stopped and whirled around stopping me in my tracks. "Don't go off alone, princess. Under any circumstances, understand? In this world you are viewed as either a play thing. Or a light snack. Don't forget that."

"Yea." I muttered , "yea I got that now."

"Now next time if you want to go have tea with a ogre I'll make sure to bring my club with me." Puck grinned and we continued walking . When we got to the tree the door was gone. And my backpack and trainers were lying outside it. Sighing I slipped my bloodied feet into the trainers and slung the backpack over my shoulder. He had done a good job in telling us our welcome was over. That was pretty clear.

We started to walk through the wyldwood one again, I was shivering, and with every minute more I stayed in Neverever ,I hated it more and more.

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