The total amazeballs life of Lola Flinch.

Lola Flinch is a normal 16 year old girl. When I say normal I don't mean normal at all. She got sent away to a Asylum and she's considered as crazy. Her old town friend Robbie Goodfellow appears in town again except he's in the asylum too. When things start to turn freaky Lola finds out her true destiny.

(Starts off as a diary then goes to Pov)


7. chapter 3

"It's beautiful ..." I mumble taking in my surroundings. The sky was just clear blue, not a cloud in sight. I looked at my watch. It had stopped working.

"It's beautiful." He mumbles then turns to me. "But dangerous." He adds

I turn to look at Robbie , his hair a bright flame atop his head. "Home.." He sighed , flinging his arms wide as if to embrace it all. "I'm finally home!" He spun in place and , with another laugh, fell backwards into the mist, like he was making a snow angel, and vanished.

I gulped and took a cautious step forward. The most swirled around my ankles like a living thing, caressing my skin with damp fingers. "Rob?"

The silence mocked me. Out of the corner of my eye , something bit and white darted into the trees like quicksilver. "Rob?" I called again, edging towards the place he had fallen. "Where are you? Robbie?"

"Boo!" Rob appeared behind me, rising out of the mist like a vampire from it's coffin. To say I screamed was a bit of a understatement.

"A little jump aren't we?"Robbie laughed and darted out of reach before I could kill him. "Time to switch to decaf ,princess . If you're going to shriek at every bogey that jumps out and says 'boo' , you'll be exhausted before we reach the end of the woods."

He had changed. Hunter green trousers and a thick brown hoodie replaced his jeans and a ratty t-shirt, I couldn't see his feet very well in the mist but it looked like he had traded his sneakers for soft leather boots. His face was leaner, harsher, with sharp angles, and pointed features. Combined with his bright auburn hair and green eyes he reminded me of a grinning fox. But the most noticeable difference was his ears. Slender and pointed , they jutted out from the sides of his head, like.. Well, like a elf's ear. And in that moment, all traces of Robbie Goodfellow disappeared . The boy of known for most of my life was gone, like he never existed, and only Puck remained.

"What's the matter ,princess? " asked Puck. "You look as if you've lost your best friend."

"How did you do that?" I muttered.

"Glamour" States Puck. " my kind Oberon frowns on mortal clothes. So I used glamour to make myself look presentable."

"Oh.." I mutter.

"Come on, princess. We'll probably get eaten if we stay in this part of the wyldwood for too long." He hold out his arm. "Keep close." He muttered as I took his arm. "And watch the roots they're grabby today." He adds, casually kicking a root that goes for his leg.

"Is there others like you?" I asked watching my footing.

"We're everywhere ,princess." He chuckles. "On the streets. Under your bed. In the Attic." He goes on. "Faeries are attracted by emotions , writers, artists. That's where our glamour comes from princess."

"Lucy always said that she used to talk to the man in the wardrobe , and she was scared of the spider lady under her bed. So like Lucy." I state.

Puck gave me a strange look, once corner of his mouth quirked up. "Like you, princess." He looked as of he was about to say something else when a twig snapped in the distance.

He straightened quickly. "Whoops, time to go, princess! It's dangerous to linger in only one place. We'll attract unwanted attention."

"What?!" I exclaimed, as he strode across the clearing, moving as gracefully as a deer. "I thought you said this was home!"

"The Neverever is home to all fey." Puck said without even glancing back. "It's divided into territories, or more technically, courts. The Seelie Court is Oberon's domain. While Mab rules the Unseelie Court territories. While in the courts, it's normally forbidden to torment, main, or kill another without permission from the rulers.

"However." He continued looking back at me , "right now we are in neutral territory, home of the wild fey. Here, as you humans put it, all bets are off. The things coming at us now can be a herd if satyrs who will make you dance until your exhausted , then rape you one by one, or it could be a pack of hedge wolves that will tear us both apart. Either way I don't think you want to hand around."

I was afraid but I had to do it. To get Lucy back home where she belongs.

"Princess!" Puck snapped, "they have picked up our scent. So if you don't want your first day in Neverever to be your last I suggest we get moving." With that we both take off running. Puck gliding , whereas me stumbling over stuff and whatnot.

We stopped miles away, they were off our trail. Puck was completely unglazed whereas I was wheezing like a fat kid taking a asthma attack. I crouched down getting my breath back.

"Come on ,princess." I looked up at him with a looks that said 'really' "I know somewhere where we can rest." He holds out his hand. I take it and stand. We walked for a while before we turned to face a large oak tree. Puck knelt down and pushed away brambles before knocking on it.

"Eh, who's there?" A croaky voice groaned opening the small door.

"Good evening, Twiggs." Chirped Puck.

"Robin Goodfellow?" He squeaked out at last " haven't seen you in a while around these parts. What brings you to my tree?"

"Escort service." Puck moved to the side so the creature good get a clear view of me.

When his eyes landed on me they widened.

"Is that..?"


"Does she..?"


"Oh my.." Muttered Twiggs "come in and make yourself at home." He stood out the way while opening the door wide.

"I'll never be able to fit in there." I muttered "there's no way I'm going to squeeze through, unless you've got one of those shrinking toadstools that I've seen in Alice In Wonderland."

Puck laughed and took my hand grinning. "Close your eyes." He said. "And just walk.." I did half expect to go gobsmack into the tree. But I didn't. I open my eyes and we're inside the tree it was warm, I welcomes the heat.

"I have made up beds for yous. Make yourselves comfortable. And if you need anything call me." Twiggs appears infront of us and shows us into a room. We both go into it. And in a blink of a eye , we're both lying in the homemade beds dozing off our dreams surrounding us in emotions

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