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1. clothes for summer


                                  clothes for summer

                                                  now that it is summer in a few 

                                                  contries we can finally wear

                                                  short tops and pants!


                            Skin tone with the right colours!

             if you have a peach skin tone light and bright will fit you like this





                         if you have light and a little dark skin tone like the greeks or anything else  \

                        go with purple-ish and blue-ish like dark and light clothes so in the middle!






                               and finally if you are dark skin tone go for black or dark blue 

                                 if you are go with dark colors!



             here is a colour wheel just for you!




                                           thank you and next chapter is for winter!


                                           hey guys i need all ur support now cuz                   this is for the fash-on com 

                so please help! xoxo thank u!


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