Power Of The Princess (Vampire Harry AU)

Angel was the Princess of the Moroi Clan but hasn't discovered anything about hsr powers
Harry was a prince from Baeva Clan and will do what ever it takes to keep his family and friends safe
When Angel is sent to the Beava realm Harry must protect her at all costs
Can Harry do it?
Or will everything crumble?
Read more to find out

Story Of Lust, Love, Passion and Death


3. Chapter 3

Chapter Three






The next day Harry was taking me out for the day, he was showing me the rest of the realm and he was right some villagers didn't like my clan, some of them threw rocks at me which Harry caught and he was not pleased. It was mainly the men who hated Moroi and I don't know why they did but right now my family and realm were fighting to keep my home alive and well. It was hard keep up with Harry and the guards but I tried the best I could and since I haven't had blood in 3 days it was taking its tole on me.

"Harry can you slow it down?" I asked trying to catch my breath, I watched as he slowed down his pace.

"Have you had blood?" Harry asked and I shook my head which made him frown. "Why haven't you had blood or at least told me?" He asked again.

"Because I'm used to having a feeder near me but now I don't they are probably all dead" I said to Harry.

"I can always get you one" he said and told one of the guards to go back to my realm and get me a feeder.

"Yes my lord" Serena said and disappeared in the crowd of villagers.

Harry grabbed a hold of my hand and kept my close, I knew he wanted me to be safe but that dream nightmare I had last night still haunted. Was it Harry though? Could have it been someone else? I guess I will have to wait and see. We arrived at a lake and it was so beautiful red grass was under our feet and the silver leaves on the trees glistened through the wind and sunshine, the sun was red and the mountains looked like they were touching the sun. It was an amazing sight, I knew my home had a blue sun and green leaves with silver grass. But all elemental's used their powers to make the sun change colour, I used to watch it all the time when I was a kid with my parents. On my birthday they would do a show with the elite vampires which was powerful ones, I would see colour patterns in the sky like fireworks and everyone watched if you were a villager, guard or feeder no one cared a least they were happy.

"This place is beautiful Harry" I said to him, I could see him smile.

"I know me too, I used to come here on my birthday with my parents it was a family day out thing" Harry said and I couldn't help but smile.

A few helpers held set up a nice lunch that Harry had made for us two so we could get to know each other. The guards and helpers went back into the village,  they knew if we were in danger Harry would call for them.

"So Angel tell me a bit about yourself your powers and all that" Harry said.

I nodded and explained everything to Harry about my realm, what it looks like, my family and than I told him I didn't have any at the moment apart from hearing and healing and he looked surprised and upset.

"Oh I am sorry" Harry said.

"No no you are alright" I said and asked the same question to Harry and he told me everything about his self and what he wants to get out of this. He wanted the Gangrel to die so Moroi and Daeva could come together and join forces. 


After the lunch Angel and I had we decided to head back to the castle where we had dinner and met up with Angel's feeder Abigail turns out Angel and Abigail are good friends, Abigail even told me I could feed off her if we ran out of blood, we drink blood from a bag, like what doctors use for patients in hospital,  it was fresh but we drank that and when we needed to we drank from each other. Its kind of gross I know but its the way we live and it makes us stronger.

The warriors and I were having a meeting about Gangrel, some warriors wanted to join the Moroi in fight but some didn't because it wasn't our fight. We had more warriors I just introduced Angel to the main ones along with the guards. I left Angel in her room as she fed of her feeder no one was too disturb her, Angel needed blood and she is getting it.

"Vladimir and Chris I want you to stand out here and make sure no one goes in" I said.

"Yes Prince Harry" Vladimir and Chris taking their spots and watched everyone walk by.

I made my way into the dining room, where I saw Zayn and Louis talking.

"Zayn and Louis" I said, they stopped and smiled at me.

"Hi Prince Harry how was the lunch with Angel?" Louis asked

"It was good,  we got to know each other" I said.

"You got her a feeder?" Zayn asked.

"Yes she won't survive on our blood" I said.

"That is true" Louis said.

I nodded and got myself some blood and packet of chips, Vladimir and Chris walked in with Angel behind them.

"You finished feeding?" I asked and Angel nodded before sitting next to me, "You okay?" I asked.

"Yeah, I just have a bad feeling about my parents" Angel said.

"They will be okay Angel" I said and she just shrugged, I rubbed her back and gave her another reassuring smile.

"Will I be able to visit my realm?" Angel asked.

"Angel you can't right now" I said frowning why would she ask me.

"Prince Harry!" Yoshitaka yelled,  I stood up and ran out along with Zayn and Louis. Yoshitaka never yells unless something bad happens, I ran to where Yoshitaka was where I saw some villagers dead on my castle door step.

"Who did this?" I asked and no one knew, I have to find out who harmed my people.

"What happened?" Angel asked.

"Someone killed some of my people" I said and stood up, I heard my twin brothers laugh.

No he was back my brother Edward.

"Guards! I want you to find my evil twin Edward, go now and don't come back until you have found him" I yelled and they nodded assigning into groups.

Zayn looked at me, "How is he back?" He asked, I shrugged I have no idea how he is back.

"Yoshitaka take Angel to her room and have two warriors protect her at all times" I said and Yoshitaka nodded.

"Come on princess" he said and Angel followed him and they disappeared down the hall.

"Louis I want you to tell every villager not to leave there homes and get as much food as they can for free" I said to him and he nodded and took Niall and Liam with him.

"Zayn stick with me please I am afraid that my brother is going to hurt everyone I care for especially Angel" I said to him.

"Yes my lord" Zayn said.

We walked inside and shut the castle doors, windows and everything, I didn't trust my brother neither did my parents. I heard Lux run up so I picked her up.

"You and mummy must be careful okay, someone mean is after us okay" I said to her and she nodded.




I smiled to myself as I watched my brother Harry lock down the castle, he knows that it can't stop me but I love to see him trying, now I just have to get Angel but how can I do that, I don't even know which room she is in. It's kind of funny watching Harry freak out over someone like me, I remember when he killed my girlfriend and than I killed our parents for revenge next is his friends. I will kill Angel slowly and make Harry watch, I heard footsteps behind me so I turned to see Christopher.

"How is the war going?" I asked.

"Great Master we are almost done, the king and queen are locked in a cell and we are doing everything possible to keep them away from blood" Christopher said.

I smiled to myself, "Good job" I said as he smiled at me and ran back to the realm gate stepping through, I followed by putting my hood over my head again and disappearing into the realm gate.

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