The Hemmings Next Door

Jamie Anderson was your typical everyday girl. She focused extra hard in school, and always took care of those in need. She didn't have time for friends, or any type of social life.
Little did she know, that there was trouble headed her way.

Luke and Aiden Hemmings are twin brothers but both have different personalities which is about to make Jamie's perfect world fall apart.


1. Prologue

Prologue :

I looked up into his icy blue eyes. It amazes me that unlike his brother, Luke's eyes was full of life and vibrant while Aiden's was cold and empty. But despite it all, they were still beautiful.

Aiden looked deviously at me, as he leaned closer to me with inches of space between us. My heart was beating so hard against my chest, I was sure he could hear it too. I closed my eyes, feeling his hot breath chuckle against my neck.

He knew all to well that I was about to say something, because he held his index finger against my lips, holding my mouth captive under his touch.

But what he whispered so lightly in my ear made my body paralyze against the wall, unable to runaway from what's happening.

"Oh Jamie you have no idea what you have gotten yourself into"

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