The Photographer (Kelly Severide Love Story)

Catalina is Elizabeth Shay's younger sister and her dream about becoming a photographer is coming true, with a past she hates to share. Her and her 2 year old daughter are trying to find love and she meets Kelly a fire-fighter from Fire House 51
Will they fall in love?


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2





The next day after I had finished work which was around 6:30pm, I had met up with Kelly and Leslie at a diner which was near the firehouse to pick up Sophia and also have dinner with them, I walked inside the diner to see Leslie, Kelly and Sophia waiting. When Sophia saw me she squealed and I laughed as I reached her picking her up and holding her tight kissing her forehead before sitting next to Leslie.


“How was she?” I asked.


“Like an angel” Leslie said which made me smile.


“Mummy?” Sophia asked.


“Yes Princess” I said.


“Am I getting a daddy?” She asked.


“We will see baby” I said smiling as I looked at Kelly and he smiled back.


I picked up the menu kissing Sophia’s head and she pointed at what she wanted which was some nuggets and fries, I smiled softly and we all picked out what we wanted. A beautiful girl walked up, she smiled at us and asked what we would like and we had told Emelia it was the name on her badge what we wanted.


“I will be a little wait but we will get it out as soon as we can” Emelia said.


“It’s okay don’t worry” Leslie said with a smile, Emelia smiled back and walked off.


Kelly and I were talking while Leslie was in the bathroom, I got to know a little more about Kelly and he got to know a little more about me, I could tell Sophia and Kelly were getting attached and I was to him. Leslie came back and when she did our food had come, I helped Sophia eat, and she giggled and laughed as she played with her dinosaur nuggets. Leslie smiled and poked Sophia’s tummy which made her giggle.


“Aunty Les I love you” Sophia said.


“I love you too princess” Leslie said and

Sophia clapped making grabby hands at Leslie who took her and Jones walked in, looking at us before she sat somewhere else and ordered.


"You coming to the fire house barbecue on Saturday?" Kelly asked.


"Yeah I was going to take photos and add them to my site if that's okay?" I asked.


"Of course it is" Kelly said.


After we finished our meal we stayed in the diner a bit, I gave Emelia my number if she wanted to call or come over. Peter sat with us holding Sophia, smiling as she giggled and nawed on his finger.


"I'm sorry, she likes biting things" I said.


"Its okay, she is really cute"  Peter smiled and I smiled back.


A few hours later I left to go home where I fell asleep with Sophia in my arms, I didn't want to let go of her and I won't.




The weekend came by and it was the barbecue, I smiled as I saw Catalina and Sophia walk up Catalina was in a nice dress and so was Sophia. Sophia ran to Leslie who picked her up, I gave Catalina a small hug. When we pulled away she took photos of the scenery and us, she asked permission before she did. I smiled softly and sat with my squad drinking a beer laughing with each other.


"Mind if I sit?" Catalina asked.


"No" I said and made room for her, she sat next to me. "Where is Sophia?" I asked.


"She is with Gabrielle and Leslie" Catalina said and I nodded smiling a little, handing Catalina an un opened beer and Catalina grabbed it thanking me before taking a sip.


"Mummy" Sophia said running up and Catalina grabbed her kissing Sophia’s forehead.


Sophia made crabby hands at me, I smiled and picked her up sitting her on my lap.


"She really likes you" Catalina said.


"Yeah" I smiled, "I like you both too" I continued and saw Catalina smile.


"That's good" She smirked, I chuckled a little.


After the barbecue had finished, Leslie and I went home and I couldn't help but think about Catalina.


"You like my sister don't you" Leslie said.


"I do and Sophia" I said.


"Just be careful okay, something happened in her past and she's a bit scared of relationships" Leslie said.


"What happened?" I asked and Leslie sighed.


"She was raped 2 and a half years ago, she wanted to abort the baby until she saw her daughter and couldn't do it, so she had Sophia and I was there by her side while my parents didn't care" Leslie said.


"My god" I said and sat down, I will take things slow with Catalina and Sophia.


"Please be careful with my sister" Leslie said.


"I will Les" I said


Leslie smiled and squeezed my shoulder before going upstairs, I sighed and stood up walking upstairs and taking off my clothes leaving my boxers on before falling asleep on my bed. The next day I arrived at the fire house with Leslie, I smiled to myself as I saw Catalina standing there with a yellow envelope.


"Hey Catalina" I said.


"Hey Kelly, I have to calenders and I was going to give them to Chief Boden, Sophia is a day care" Catalina said, I nodded and we walked in together, Leslie walked up to the ambulance setting up with Gabrielle.


"Did you like it yesterday?" I asked as we walked to Chief Boden's office.


"Yeah I did and Sophia couldn't stop saying your name last night, it was so cute" Catalina said which made me smile, I can't believe Sophia has grown such an attachment on me,


"Did you want to come with me to Molly's tonight?" I asked.


"That sounds nice" Catalina said and I smiled again knocking on Chief Boden's door hearing him answer with a come in and Catalina stepped in, "Sorry Boden but I have the photos for you and a calender for you" Catalina said.


"Thank you Catalina, I mean it" Chief Boden said.


"No problem Boden" Catalina said and handed him the photos saying goodbye and leaving


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