The Photographer (Kelly Severide Love Story)

Catalina is Elizabeth Shay's younger sister and her dream about becoming a photographer is coming true, with a past she hates to share. Her and her 2 year old daughter are trying to find love and she meets Kelly a fire-fighter from Fire House 51
Will they fall in love?


1. Chapter 1




                                I was on my way to fire-house 51 with my daughter since I couldn’t find anyone to look after her, I was Elizabeth’s twin sister but I am straight and the reason I have a daughter is because I was raped and only my sister knows and the reason I was on my way to fire house 52 is because I am a photographer and they wanted a calendar doing so I was going to do it for free. My daughter Sophia was 2 and she was really small for her ago. When I had arrived at fire house 51 I parked on the street and carried my camera bag and Sophia in, when Elizabeth saw me she smiled running hugging me before taking Sophia.

“Hi baby” She said cheerfully and she looked up at me, “Everyone is waiting for you” She continued, I followed her inside to see everyone sitting on seats and looking at me.

“Welcome Catalina to fire house 51” Chief Boden said.

“Thank you, I heard you guys wanted a calendar doing and I am happy to do it for you no charge since my sister Elizabeth works here” I said and she smiled at me.

“Thank you Catalina” Chief Boden said.

“It’s okay don’t worry” I said to Chief Boden who smiled.

I explained to every how I wanted photos of everyone than in teams and Severide, Casey and Chief Boden on their own and they seemed to like the idea but one just glared at me, everyone stood in their groups and I took about 10 photos each just so they could pick it out. When I had finished I couldn’t help but smile until they got a call and Elizabeth told me I could stay until they came back which I did. I held Sophia in my arms and kissed her nose as she was asleep wrapped in her blanket like the time I held her in the hospital, it sucks she will never know her father because I didn’t know the man either. I heard everyone arrive back in and I set up the computer and felt Elizabeth take Sophia out of my arms smiling at me.

“Stop thinking about it, it wasn't your fault” She whispered and I nodded.

“I would like all of you to go through the photos and chose the ones you would like” I said to everyone and got out of their way while Elizabeth and I talked in private, she was carrying Elizabeth.

“You have to stop blaming yourself for this, but look at you the perfect life a photographer and a daughter whom you love, so what if she never has a father at least she has you and me, this firehouse as well” Elizabeth said and hugged me handing back my daughter to me. We were walking back in when I heard a girl talking about me.

“She has a daughter, I mean that saw fuck up” The girl said.

“Hey Jones! Shut up! You have no idea what happened so shut up” Elizabeth said and Jones shut up. “I’ll get my things and go, thanks for this everyone” I said and packed up, Elizabeth nodded glaring at Jones before carrying Sophia to my car placing her in the baby seat.

Elizabeth and I talked for a bit before I left placing Sophia in her cot kissing her forehead before turning on her night and leaving her to sleep. I had spent all day at the firehouse so it was 9pm, I changed into my pj’s and went to bed smiling a little. The next day I woke up and checked on Sophia to see her awake and smiling, I picked her up and walked downstairs to make her some breakfast along with my own, Sophia giggled at me and I turned to her.

“What’s so funny baby?” I asked.

“Mumma” She said.

“I am funny huh” I chuckled. When her and my food was done, I fed her while having mine which made her smile and giggle.

“Day care today baby” I said and she clapped which made me laugh and wipe her mouth from food. A few hours later I had dropped Sophia off of day car before heading to my work, where I began to work on the calendar for fire house 5, I sighed as I did what I had to do but I couldn’t concentrate. I kept thinking of the night when I got raped, the man pulled me into an alley way, screaming in my face the pain and then nothing. I heard a knock at my door and I answered by a mumble come in, the door opened to revealed Kelly Severide.

“Hey Severide what can I do for you?” I asked.

“I wanted to apologise for what Jones did yesterday” He said.

“It’s okay don’t worry about it, I get it all the time” I said.

“We are having a fire house barbecue on Saturday and we were wondering if you wanted to come, bring Sophia as well?” Kelly asked.

“If I am not working than yeah I will and thanks Kelly” I said and he just smiled.

“Don’t worry, Elizabeth always talks about you and your daughter” Kelly said.

“Really? Good or bad?” I asked.

“Good” Kelly said smiling again and I smiled back.

“That’s good, oh I have almost finished the calendar when I do, and do you want me to bring them around?” I asked. “Defiantly” Kelly said and left.

I smiled softly and bit my lip when he did, damn he was so cute and I went back to work, this was going to be a long night, I had text Elizabeth to see if she and Kelly could look after Sophia and she was excited. God I love my sister, she is one of the reasons why I didn’t give up after I was raped but she told me to strong and I did for her for my sister and now I am happy, I have an amazing daughter and great friends who support me and an amazing sister who is always there for me but I know it’s never going to be easy.

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