My breath hitches in throat at the sight of him standing there half naked my boyfriends best friend is turning me on by his looks.


2. School

I feel the heat run into my cheeks as I pick up my scrambled mess of books lying on the floor 
"I'm so sorry, here let me help you" the tall muscular figure in front of me insisted
"No, no it's alright I should really look where I'm going next time" I replied shyly giving him a small smile while picking up my books
"Falsity, love  have you meet my best friend Marshall before" my boyfriend Derrick said motioning towards the tall walking brick wall in front of me
"Yes I just ran into him and knowing me I dropped my books being the klutz I have always been" I smiled making Derrick smirk down at me 
"Well you sure are a klutz but a damn hot one" he commented making me punch him
"You aren't getting any action tonight then" I teased, innocently twirling my hair
"We'll see about that missy" Derrick laughed walking me to class with his arm slung around my shoulders. When we arrived to class one of my best friends let a laugh when she see's me hopelessly struggling to walk because of derrick holding me as close as possible, I mean I love Derrick and all but he is a bit over protective, like one time a boy was flirting  with me and he was off to hospital the next minute with a broken rib, see what I mean. I took a seat next to Ali and she just giggled at the scene of Derrick pouting because I didn't want to sit next to him, she actually giggled  so loud the class room all turned to look at us including one of the most grumpiest teachers in the universe, Miss Farrell 
"Miss jones and Miss love what is so funny and I recommend  you two should share it with the rest of the class" she hissed her wrinkly hand pointing for us to stand up, both of us kept our mouths clamped shut 
"Alright then I will see you two in detention on Monday" she smirked evilly, wow is she evil or what? how can you have joy putting people in detention?
"Ok class open your maths books to page 188 and start I expect you to be finished by the timer is up if not detention. I walk out of the clustered hallway into the parking lot to find my car in the place I parked it this morning right at the far side of all the cheerleaders. As I was about to get in my car I heard Britney call out my name, she wasn't my friend but we do talk sometimes 
"So how's Derrick" she smirked twirling her blonde hair with her fake finger nails, she's the head cheerleader so what do you expect
"Still going strong as usual" I said shrugging "why" 
"Just checking in because everyone is saying you and mr muscles over there are gonna get together" she said pointing to marshall
"Um no way I don't even know him all that well I replied and we said our goodbyes and I drove home. I arrived home at 4:00pm because I live out in the country side, when I walked into the kitchen and dumped my bag I seem a note on the fridge that said 
'Be home at 12:30pm late shift sorry dinner is in fridge, sweet dreams my angel falsity love you xxxxx' I sighed and chucked the note in the rubbish while getting my dinner out, my mum works for the hospital so she always has late shifts and she can't quit because my dad died a year ago and we need the money. After tea I went up to my bedroom to do my homework and got changed into my pjs then jumped into bed drifting off to a deep sleep.

Sorry for the short chapter I've been away for a long tim could not update hope you like it xxxx

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