My breath hitches in throat at the sight of him standing there half naked my boyfriends best friend is turning me on by his looks.


3. Hang out

I blink my eyes several times before they adjust to the blinding light shining through my curtains. I turn back on my side and try to fall asleep again but it doesn't work, man I hate it when you wake up on the weekend and you can't sleep in and then you wake up on a week day and you want to, I groan rolling out of bed and heading down stairs to get some breakfast and find my mum sleeping on the couch, I'm used to it though she always gets in late and leaves right after she wakes up. I get my breakfast which is some toast and a cup of tea, and sip at my tea while reading the comments on Facebook. I put down my phone and wash my dishes then head up stairs to have a shower grabbing my towel and shampoo on the way up. After my shower I get dressed into a navy blue dress with matching flats and straitened my hair. Once I was down stairs I called Derrick to see what he was doing today
"Hey babe" he answered
"What you up to?" I asked
"Just hanging with Marshall if you wanna come over" 
"Sure" I finished the phone call and walked out the door grabbing my phone and handbag. When I arrived at Derricks he and Marshall sat there playing FIFA 15 with no cloths on but boxers 
"Hello" I said sitting in between them stealing a drink out of Derricks cup 
" hello, and you know that's not my cup" Derrick smirked lifting his eyebrows at me making me blush and look down at the cup in my hands
"Ah no, sorry" I barely mumbled making Marshall chuckle 
"It's alright love I don't mind" he winked at me and we both laughed but Derrick did not seem amused 
"Right that's enough" he said a little to harsh pulling me closer to him while they continued their game. After Marshall beats Derrick and he's crying on my shoulder we decide to play truth or dare 
"falsity truth or dare" Ryan, another of derricks best friends asked me in his most weirdest voice, a dare from Marshall to speak like that all day, actually not that cruel, I twisted my mouth with a thoughtful look on my face then bit my lip to indicate I was stuck 
"Oh come on falsity" Marshall urged me on 
"Alright" I said while sighing "I choose dare" Ryan let out a whoop and then gave me the dare 
"I dare you to make out with each of us boy's" he smirked, I looked at Derrick for approval and he nodded because he was waisted, of course. I let out a long breath and then replied 
"Ok, but if you try any thing, and I mean anything, Derrick will hurt you when he is not on alcohol" we all laughed and I went to Derrick first because he was right next to me, he tasted of beer and smokes but I could still taste the tangy flavoured of the skittles he had earlier, but other than the taste it was nice I mean I never felt anything when I kissed Derrick but I guess that's just life I mean not everyone has a Prince Charming. Next was Ryan, don't get me wrong he was a great kisser but a bit controlling is all that you have to worry about with him he treats your body like his toy, as you can tell he is the player of the school but deep down a sweet guy, I kissed back instantly while he shoves his tongue down my throat there are always sparks kissing Ryan, and I guessed that's because I'm not supposed to be doing it. Last was Marshall who sat there looking like a lost puppy which was sorta cute to be honest, when I reached him he kissed me instantly taking me aback and I could feel his lips curve into a smirk of knowing he took me off guard, he was not innocent at all he was one big tease I thought to myself, I kissed him back and although it was just a small make out session it felt like it was ages until we pulled apart breathless and leaving me there lips tingling and sparks slowly dyeing down. After a few more rounds it got a bit out of hand, as in Marshall was just sitting around, Ryan and Derrick where doing the chicken dance and I was swimming in the pool, as I went to go back under water Marshall jumped in making a huge splash and seeing me spluttering for air 
"Marshall, you asshole you-" I was cut off by him picking me up and sitting me on a deck chair where our towels are 
"Do you think your getting out of trouble that easy mister" I said pointing a finger at him but when I look up I see was shirtless and his brown hair was all scruffier up and he had water dripping down his perfectly tones abs, oh god my breath hitches in my throat at the sight of him standing there half naked my boyfriends best friend is turning me on just by his looks, and I can tell this because I can feel the hot liquid running down my leg oh yes this is going to be one interesting night...

So what did you think comment if you like it or love it lol. And also comment if you want the chapters to be longer so I can work on that thank you and bye my little carrots!!!

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