My breath hitches in throat at the sight of him standing there half naked my boyfriends best friend is turning me on by his looks.


4. Cheating

"Umm what are you doing?" Marshall  said smirking I blushed 
"Umm I just wanted to ah um...." I said nervously trying to desperately ignore the burning sensation down below but it was impossible he was just so damn good looking, and oh don't get me started on that toned body I coul- 
"Um what" Marshall smirked stopping my disturbing train of thought 
"You know what" I failed to confidently say
"Meet me in my room" he leaned in close and whispered in my ear, I sucked in a deep breath and nodded, what was I doing! I have a boyfriend and now I'm turned on by his best mate!! God what is wrong with me. Half an hour later of trying to think this through my body toke over my mind and I helplessly like a lost little lamb ended up at marshall's door knocking on it lightly I whispered his name
"Come in babe" he replied so I walked in and there's him standing there in fat pants with just a bit of the strap of his boxers showing oh and do I forget to mention he was SHIRTLESS i feasted my eyes on that delicious body of his as he stood there looking like a god 
"You like what you see" he smirked moving closer to me until we were inches apart
"Yes I do" I whispered tracing his abs with my index finger "very much"
He chuckled in a deep voice and said
"There's a lot more of that to see if you want to" he smirked, I blushed and bit my lip
"Ok" and with that simple word we began ripping off each others clothes   While in a full out make out session
"Falsity" he growled pushing me hard against the wall and kissing me hungrily
"Your so hot" he moaned and with that I couldn't take it any more I needed him inside of me,  know screwing your boyfriends best friend is wrong but how can It feel so right, I pulled us Ito the bed and Marshall asked if I was ready and I nodded and he pushed inside of me thrusting in and out at a quick pace. "God falsity" Marshall moaned hungrily into my ear sending ripples of pleasure strait to my core as he thrusted harder hitting my G-spot with every one soon we both came to our highs panting and sweaty. "Go clean up" Marshall said but all I was thinking was how huge he was, much bigger than my boyfriends, wait Derrick!! What have I just done actually I know exactly what I've just down, screwed my boyfriends best friend.... 

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