In Your Arms

Nothing else matters as long as I'm with you.


8. 8

My head was pounding as soon as I opened my eyes. What the hell happened last, I didn’t drink that much I only drank like 2 cups. And how did I get here? Thinking is just making my headache worse.


I pull my blanket off my body and sit up on my bed. My foot tapped something as soon as it hit the ground. I looked down and there was bin full of vomit. Ew. Did Jace take me to my room, hat’s nice of him. A smile creeps on my face but then was soon wiped off when a thought passes my mind. Did I throw up on Jace?. Oh my goodness, please don’t tell me I did. Should I call to thank him for bringing me to my room and say sorry. Should I? No, he’s probably asleep. What time is it anyway? I check my phone which was on top of my purse on my table and chec the time. 11:00 am, what time did I get home last night?


I dial Jace’s number but don’t press call. I was still debating whether to call him now or later, I decided to call him now.


I press call and the phone rings. Jace picked up on the fifth ring.


“Hello” a deep sleepy voice answers. Oh my god, he was still sleeping. Shit.


“uh hi, were you asleep?” I ask embarrassed “do you want me to call you back? I can call you later on if you’re still sleeping.” I say a little too fast.


“No, no it’s fine. Is everything okay?” he asks concerned.


“Everything’s fine.” I stop for a second. “I just wanted to ask…” I paused again but this time it was longer than before.


“What happened last night?” he says.


“Yeah.” I awkwardly smile through the phone even though he couldn’t see.






Jace’s POV



I parked my car to where I parked it when I picked her up. I looked at a sleepy Aya and figure out how I’m going to get her up to her room and figure out where her room even is. I looked at her purse and debated whether I should look in it to look for her keys. I’m sure it says her room number in her keys right?.


I gently grabbed her arm and lightly lift it so I can grab her bag underneath. I opened the tiny bag and immediately see her keys. She only keeps gum, her keys and her phone in her bag. Neat.


I grab her keys and look for her room number; Yes it does say the floor room number. I zip up the bag and put it under her arms again. I got out of the car walked over to the passengers side. I opened the door and gently carried Aya bridal stile. I close the door with my back and started walking towards her dorm building when someone calls out my name.


“Jace” The person yells. I turn around to see Marco and a girl walking towards me.


“I cant talk right now” I turn back around and started walking towards the building again. They followed.


“How was the party? Did you finally get it on with her?” Asshole. I hope Aya’s in deep sleep right now.


“Fuck off Marco.” I say starting to get annoyed.


“I cant, she lives here” I assume he was talking about the girl with him.


I ignored him and walked past the lobby and to the elevator. As the doors were closing Marco pulls it open again.


He and the girl got in and pressed the button to the 3rd floor. Thank God their not going to the same floor. The door closes and the elevator door closed.


“What happened to her?” He nods towards Aya.


“None of your business”


“C’mon Jace I’m asking you nicely here.”




“Ahh” Marco swings back and forth.


The girl started whispering in his ear and I just ignored them. The elevator dings when it comes to their floor and Marco looks back at me and Aya and smiles then the door closes.


The elevator dings and the door opens. I walked down the hallway and looked for 357. The room wasn’t that far from the elevator. I stand outside the door and put the keys on the knob. I didn’t put the they keys in my pocket cause I new I wouldn’t be able to get it out so I just held it. I turned the key and the door opens. I went in and wow her room’s clean. I closed the door behind me and put her keys on her desk. I walked over to her bed and gently put her down and grabbed her purse and put it on her desk too. I took one last glance at her and as I was about to turn around Aya jolts up and started throwing up on the floor. I quickly grab the bin next to her desk and put it underneath her and held back her hair. I pat her back with my other hand and she finally stops throwing up after 5 minutes. I grab the water bottle on her bedside table and give it to her and she drinks it. She puts the bottle back on the bedside table again and lays back down and looks at me and smiles but doesn’t say anything and then closes her eyes. I smile back then get up to go to her bathroom to find some type of rug to clean up the vomit on the floor. I found an old rug underneath her sink and used that to mop the vomit. After I finish I wash the cloth again then put in a basket with what looks like dirty clothes in it.


I walked back in her room and she was fast asleep again. I got her blanket and put it on top of her. I wanted to kiss her on the forehead but I didn’t. I just met her and that would just be weird.


I walked to her door and took one more glance at her and then finally closed the door behind me and went back to my car.




Aya’s POV



I thank Jace for bringing me back to my dorm and cleaning up my vomit.


I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. Damn my breath was nasty. Then took a shower. I didn’t feel like doing anything today so I just put on my Pyjamas and just watched movies in bed.




(Sorry it’s quite a boring chapter, I hope you like it though ahah :) Pls follow me on Twitter: biancareyes3 and IG: biancareyes1 thanks )

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