In Your Arms

Nothing else matters as long as I'm with you.


7. 7

‘Friday night’


It’s only 5:00 should I get ready now? It’s too early though. But it’s my first ever college party I want to look good and presentable so might as well start getting ready .


I took a quick shower and put on my under garments and put a robe over myself. I don’t want to get makeup on my clothes. I put my hair up in a bun so it’s out of my face when I’m doing my makeup. I did my daily face routine put on a little bit of bronzer and blush. I did my eyebrows like how I normally do and for my eye shadow I just did a really neutral eye look then I lines my lash line and put on mascara. For my lips I just put on a chap stick and on top of that I put on a baby pink lipstick and a matching coloured lip-gloss and that’s my makeup done.




After my makeup, I just curled my brown hair into loose waves then I changed into my outfit. I just wore a plain navy blue tank top, white lace shorts and my converse and for accessories I just a long heart necklace and a watch.













I finished getting ready by 6:45 and Jace said he’ll pick me up around 7:00 which means I have 15 minutes to do what I want. But I didn’t have anything to do. I scroll through the photos on my phone when a message on top popped up and it’s from Bridget.




“FINALLY, it was about time you actually opened your mouth and talked”




“STOP TYPING IN CAPS LOCK, and yes he is.”


“SORRY, anyway, our chemistry teacher paired us up and she said we’ll be lab partners for the whole semester OMG AYA IM SO HAPPY”


I’m happy for you Bridge” I text her back with a smiley face. I drank some water and my phone vibrates again but it wasn’t from Bridge it was from Jace.


“Hey I’m outside, come whenever you’re ready –J”


“I’ll be there in 3” I quickly grab my purse and headed out the door to the elevator. I quickly text bridge saying I have to go and that I’ll talk to her later and she replies with a “okay, have fun at your party or your date or wherever youre going :) “ She says. How did she know?


The elevator dings open and in Jace was sitting down in one of the couches in the lobby.


“Hey” He says standing up as soon as he sees me.




“You look great” Jace says with his hands in his pockets


“Thanks, you too” He was wearing a black dress shirt and black jeans with some vans. We went to Jace’s care and he opened the door for me then he jogs to the other side of the car and got on. He put his seatbelt on and we drove off to the party.


The party was a block away from where we were and I could already hear the music.


“If you want to go home, just tell me and I can drive you okay?” He asks


“Yup, thanks” I give him a smile and he returns it.


We finally got to the party it was bigger than I expected. There was probably about 500 people there and there was still more coming. The house was pretty big it looked like it was one of the biggest frat houses here.


Jace and I got out of the car and we started walking in the house. The people that were outside had red cups on their hands, some of them look intoxicated. Most girls were dressed in short dresses and heals and their makeup was so Smokey and bold. I wonder how they even walk in those heals.


We finally got inside the house and it was huge and there were so many people. More than I expected. The music was so loud and most people were dancing to it. Jace pointed to a group of people sitting on a couches just across the room.


“Let’s go there” He yelled through the music.


“Okay” I started walking towards the couch and Jace walked closely behind me.


I was halfway to the couch when a shirtless drunk guy pulled me away from Jace. “Dance with me” He says spinning me around.


“Uh” I stuttered. I didn’t know what to say. He was just dancing away in front of me trying to get me to dance.


“She doesn’t want to dance” Jace says cutting in in the middle of both us and taking my hand and pulling me away.


I looked back at the guy and he was already dancing with some other drunken girl.


 “Sorry” Jace half whispers half yells in my ear.


“It’s okay” I tell him.


We finally reach the crowd and there was less people in this area. A guy sitting on one of the couches with a girl with blond hair wearing a short navy blue dress sitting on his lap yells out “HEEEY JACE YOU’RE HERE” and raising his beer bottle.


“Hey guys, this Ayanna” Jace says gesturing towards me. Everyone says hey and I say it too. Jace pointed at an empty seat next to a guy with brownish blond hair brownish blond hair holding a red cup. I took a seat next to the guy and Jace took a seat on the armchair next me. Jace started talking to his friends while the guy next to me started talking to me.


“Hey” He says. His breath smells like beer, but it wasn’t that strong.




“I’m Matt” He smiled.


“Ayanna” I give him a smile back.


“nice name” He keeps the smile. “Are you a freshman”


“uh yeah, you”




“Cool” I give him a little smile again.


“AYANNA DO YOU WANNA DRINK? One of the girls from the couch across from me asks.






“NO SHE DOESN’T” Jace yells to her.


I appreciate his concern but I can answer for myself.


“WHAT DO YOU HAVE?” I ask the girl.


“VODKA” she takes a second to look. “WINE, MARGARITTA, CRUISER”


“JUST GIVE ME A RANDOM ONE” I say to her. She got a red cup from the little table next to her and pours a random drink in it.


“HERE” she says leaning over to hand the cup to me.


“THANKS” I tell her and she just smiles. I looked over at Jace and he was staring at me and I just give him a smile. I smell the drink and scrunch my nose. It smells strong. I took a little sip and it burned my throat, it tasted pretty good. I drank more and the burning sensation eases a little every time I drink.


“IS IT GOOD” The guy next to the girl that asked me yelled across the room.


“YEA” I yelled back.


“GOOD” He said and smiled. “HOW ABOUT WE PLAY TRUTH OR DARE”


People cheered and Matt got up from his seat and helped another guy move the table to the side so we can sit in the circle.


Jace was on my right and Matt was on my left and there was about 10 people playing. 


“Remember, you don’t have to do things you don’t want to do okay?” Jace whispered in my ear. And I just smile at him. I’m smiling too much.


“Matt, you’re first” The guys that people called Mark said.


Matt cheers and Mark asked him truth or dare and Math said Dare.


“I dare you” Mark says looking around the room, his eyes lands on me, then Jace then back to me. “I dare you to kiss Ayanna.”


My mouth drops open but then closes back up. This is just a game.


I look over at Matt and he gives me a little shy smile. “Is it okay with you?” He asks


“Uh yea its fine” I tell him. He leaned in and closed his eyes and I closed my eyes too. His lips touched mine. They were soft and tasted like beer. I move my lips in synched with his. People were cheering. I can feel Jace’s stare. I pull away and so did Matt, he gave me one little peck and smiled at me and I returned the smile. Then I looked at Jace and he was looking straight ahead and not at us.


The game went on but then everyone got sick of it so they started dancing with everyone else. There was only me, Jace and Matt in the room. Jace wasn’t saying anything.


“Hey, do you want to dance” I looked over at Jace one more time and he still didn’t look or say anything to me.


“Yea sure” We both got up from out seats and Jace was still sitting down but now he has his phone in hand.


We walked over to the dance floor and danced. It was so hot and I was sweating. The dance was getting a little uncomfortable. And I was starting to get a headache. I wanted to find Jace and go home.


“Hey, I’m just going to get some water” I lie to Matt and he just nodded his head and I walked away. I went to the area where we were before but Jace wasn’t there. I looked around and I couldn’t find him anywhere. I looked in the backyard he wasn’t there either. My headache was getting worse. I looked in the front yard and there he was walking away from the house with my purse in hand.


“Jace” I yell from the door. He turns around and I walked over to him.


“Are you ready to go home” he asked me flatly.


“Uh yeah” Is he okay?


“Lets go then” He demanded and put his hand on my upper back then later realises it and then pulls it away.


“Okay,” I said confused. “Are you okay” I ask him.


“Yeah I’m just tired.”


We walked over to his car and he opened the door for me again and put my purse on my lap. He walked over to the other side and started driving.



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