In Your Arms

Nothing else matters as long as I'm with you.


5. 5

It’s 9:30 on a Wednesday morning, I have no classes. I just did my daily routine. Ate breakfast, took a shower, did a little bit of work for my creative writing class that I’m not even supposed to do yet.


I grab my phone from my bedside table and Jace’s name pops up.


“Hey, are you still up for lunch? :) -Jace”


“Yea, of course ” I reply.


“cool, see you later”


Now yes, Jace is the first friend I’ve made in college and no I don’t have any other friends yet but him. But I’ll have more friends soon, hopefully. Anyway, Jace is a pretty nice guy. He showed me where the photography building was and he introduced me to one of his friends, technically his ex. She was nice too I guess. I haven’t really been out of campus before. The food that’s in my fridge and pantry right now are the food I brought from home and that’s going to expire soon so I might as well start exploring outside the campus now or I’ll be foodless.


My phone vibrates again and I check the time on my alarm. It’s already 12:30. Damn time goes by fast. I looked back to my phone again and I got a text from Jace.


“Hey, do you wanna eat at Taco Bell? It’s 15 minutes outside campus.”


“Yea sure.” I text back. I love Taco Bell. I’m excited to go there. Eating sandwiches and cereals can be boring and sickening so I’m excited to go there.



“See ya there J”


I fix my hair and makeup, grabbed my purse with my phone and keys in it and headed out the door. The elevator, which was pretty close to my room dings open and I quickly get in and pressed the button to first floor. I haven’t really see many people in my dorm building only cause I don’t go out that much. Maybe if I do I’ll meet people and actually have more friends.


The elevator dings signalling that ive reached my floor. I got out, passed the lobby, smiled at Parker from the front desk and pushed the big wooden door open. I went in my car and looked up the nearest Taco bell on my car GPS. After that I drove to where the GPS told me to go.


I finally saw the big Taco Bell sign which was next to Starbucks and parked in front of it. I turned my car off, grabbed my keys, got out the car and entered Taco bell. It smells so good. I scan the room to look for Jace and I found him sitting in one of the tables in the corner of the room. I have a feeling he has a thing for corners. I walked over to the table and he doesn’t seem to notice until I say hi.

“Oh Hey, sorry I got distracted.” He says looking up and smiling at me and putting his phone away.


“No It’s okay. Have you ordered your food yet?” I asked.


“No I was waiting for you. I didn’t want you to think I’m rude” He says.


I smile and pick up the menu. I don’t even need to look at the menu I already know what I’m going to order. I waited for Jace tell me what he was going to order so I can go and order it. He looked at the menu with a concentrated look, brows furrowed and eyes scanning the menu. Somehow, I found it cute.


“do you know what you’re going to order yet?” He asks and smiles. Was I staring? Holy shit Aya you’re such an idiot.


“Hm, uh yeah, I’m gonna get the Fiesta Taco salad with beef, you?” I said darting my eyes from the menu to look at him.


“I think I’m just gonna get some nachos” He says, still scanning the menu. “Yeah, I’ll get nachos, I quite like nachos” He says looking at me nodding his head.


“Okay” I laugh a little. “Lets go order”


We ordered our food and it didn’t take long. It only took like 5 minutes of waiting. As soon as we got our food we quickly dig in. We didn’t talk. We just enjoyed our food.


“Hmm” Jace moans. “This is good”


I laughed a little at his reaction. It’s like he hasn’t eaten nachos for a while.


“Do you wanna try?” Jace asks pointing at his nachos.


“Maybe later, after I finish this”


“Your taco is so small yet you take 10 minutes to eat it” Jace points out taking another one of his nachos.


I gasp. “Uh excuse me. I like taking my time when it comes to my favourite food. Okay?” I tell him taking another bite of my nearly finished Taco.


Jace laughs. “Are you sure you don’t want one? It’s the last one.”


“Fine, but you have to finish this off, I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it cause of your nacho.” I took Jace’s last nacho and he took the Taco from my plate and ate it in just one bite. This boy eats fast.


We finished our food and drinks and we just sat there.

“Do you have any more classes today?” I ask leaning back on my chair.


“Nah, I only have classes on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursday. Two classes on monday and one class on tuesday and thursdays."


“same as you, Mondays,  Tuesdays and Thursday, two classes Mondays, two on tuesdays and one on thursday”


We just talked about random things like our hobbies, what we used to do as kids. You know the basic stuff you ask someone who you want to get to more about.


After about 10 minutes of talking we finally got up to go to our cars when a group of people walked in. Some of them look older than me and Jace and some looks like their the same age. A guy with a black messy hair and stubbles on his face looks at mine and Jace’ direction and smiles. Not the type of smile that says 'oh hey, how are you' if you know what I mean.  It was kind of like a mischievous smile I guess you can sayThe guy raises his hand from across the room and yelled out “Hey Jace” which made his friends turn and then started walking over to us.


I looked over at Jace and he looks pretty uncomfortable, he almost looks sort of frozen. “Do you know him?”


“Uh yea, just some guys I used to know” He says and the guy finally reached Jace and gives him a manly hug. “Hey Danny” Jace says more uncomfortable than before.


“How have you been mate, we haven’t seen you in a while.” Now the rest of his group walked over to us. There was about 5 or 6 more people with him.


“Uh yeah, I’ve been busy with college and work and other stuff” Jace swallows.


“Well mate, you should totally hang out with us sometime again, it’s been different without you” The guy says. He still has that grin on his face. “Who’s this” He gestures to me.


“Uh this is my friend, Ayanna”


“Hi” I said awkwardly. “Nice to meet you.” I extended my hand to be polite even though he makes me uncomfortable too.


“Ayanna, that’s a nice name.” He also extends his hand but then he bent and gave my the back of my hand a kiss. I gently gently pulled my hand away and he gives me the same smile that he had.


Jace shifted a little behind me. “We actually have to go, we have to get to class. See you’s around.” Jace gently grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the Taco Bell.


We got out of the shop and Jace asked me where my car was, I told him and he walked me to it. “Sorry about that, its just that they make me uncomfortable.”


“No, it’s fine." I give him a confronting smile. "Hey, I actually need to go grocery shopping so I’ll text you later”


“Okay, sorry if they made you uncomfortable too.” He says. “Ill text you later.”


I give him a smile and got in my car and drove to the nearest grocery store from the campus. Good lunch, weird day.



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