In Your Arms

Nothing else matters as long as I'm with you.


4. 4

I'm awakened by the sound of my alarm. I looked at my phone and it's already 7:30. My class doesn't start until 8:45 which means i have plenty of time. I forced myself to get up and make my bed. I made myself some cereal and green juice (i know ew, but it gets my metabolism going) and got a bottle of water and ate on my desk. I looked through my messages and i got a one from my mum saying "Hey sweetie, i hope you're doing well. Love you" and i reply saying "Yea mom i'm doing great thanks. Love you too". I also got a few messages from my best friend back home asking me to call her so i do.


"Hello." A sleepy Bridget answers the phone.


"Hey Bridge" I say spooning my cereal.


"Why are you calling at 7:30 in the freaking morning Aya?" She says, irritated.


"You texted me to call you, so i did." 


"That was last night, now my beauty sleep is ruined cause of you" 


"Whatever" i let a a little laugh. "So what'd you wanna talk about?" 




"Ooh how's lover boy going?" Patrick is the guy Bridget has been crushing on since her freshman year. I'm a year older than her so she's still a senior in high school. She's like a little sister to me. She tells me anything and everything that's on her head, literally everything and anything. 


"Haha" she says sarcastically. "He talked to me today" She says calmly but i can tell that she's squealing inside, she just doesn't wanna wake up anyone in the house.


"No way, did you faint? Did he catch you? OMG did he give you the mouth to mouth?" 


"Aya, stop" she said annoyed but let out a laugh anyway.


"sorry" i said and laughed. "so what did he say?"


"He asked if i had a spare pencil and i gave him one." 


I let out a small laugh. "That's a progress, at least he talked to you"


"Yeah but still. I wanted to talk to me more"


"He will, but he can't always start the conversation, sometimes you have to start the conversation too." 


"Yeah i'll try"


"Grow some lady balls and just talk to him. Who knows, that might lead to something else" I confront her.


"Yeah , okay." She sighs. "So how have you been?" she asks. We talk for another 15 minutes and i hopped in the shower. After that, i changed into my clothes, did my hair and makeup, grabbed my keys and water and i'm out the door by 8:20.


I went to the science building and i was 5 minutes early to class. At least it's not 15. Students started coming and settling down and the last person that came in was the professor. He introduces himself as Professor Smith then he gave us our syllabus and got on with his lecture. 


In the first 5 minutes of his lecture, someone knocks on the door. 


"Come in." Professor Smith says.


Jace walks in wearing a simple black jumper and simple black jeans and shoes. "Sorry I'm late Sir." Jace apologises and takes a seat on the chair next to me since every other chair was taken.


"It's fine, just don't make it a habit." Professor says and goes back to his lecture.


"Yup" Jace says taking out his notebook and a pen. "Hey" He turns to me and smiles.


"Hey." I said. "You're a little late today compared to yesterday." I whispered.


"I needed to run some errands and i lost track of time" He whispered back.


I just gave him a nod and a smile then payed attention to the professor. 


Class finally finishes and like every other class the students rush out. I took my time packing up my stuff neatly and Jace was waiting for me. Why though?.


"So what do you have next?" Jace asks, still waiting.


"I have accounting, you don't have to wait for me you know." I told him not meaning to sound rude on anything. 


"Nah it's fine. I'm Heading the same way as you anyway." He smiles. He has actually has a really nice smile.


"Okay" I say zipping my bag and standing. Jace gestures me to go first, and so i did. All of my classes goes on for about an hour and and a half and for the first break we have half an hour to get to the other campus' and do whatever we want and for the second break we have about an an hour and fifteen minute cause it's lunch. 


"Hey are you hungry? There's a nearby cafeteria from the accounting building, do you wanna go get something to eat?" Jace asks nicely. Nice smile, good personality. Pretty good first impression Jace, or should i say second cause it's my second day. Stop being an idiot Aya.


"Uh, no i'm not really that hungry yet but i can at lunch if you want." i said apologetically. 


"i actually have be somewhere at lunch today but i can tomorrow" He says. He had the same apologetic tone i had.


"Yeah, no it's okay. I don't have classes tomorrow so yeah tomorrow's good" i give him a tiny smile. 


"Okay cool, what time tomorrow?" 


"uh i dont know, what time does your class finish?"


"12:45"  He said.


"Then we'll get lunch at 1:00" I smile at him.


"Okay cool, hey can i have your number? You know just incase." He said awkwardly.


"Yeah sure" I took my phone and and so did he. We exchanged numbers and after that Jace pointed towards the accounting building.



"i'll see you later" I give him a small wave and entered the building.



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