In Your Arms

Nothing else matters as long as I'm with you.


3. 3

My classes for the day are finally over. As soon as i got back to my dorm i quickly changed to my Pyjamas and unpacked more of the stuff that i bought with me from home. No i don't have a roommate. Everyone has their own room in this building. The rooms are quite small. There's room for a double bed, a desk and maybe a small dresser. The room came with a bathroom, a toilet, a small closet and a double bed. Yes, the room is pretty small but it's big enough for me.


I unpacked everything, put my clothes and everything else where their supposed to be. I hung pictures of family and friends on my wall and i also hung some white christmas lights around the room. I already put my bedsheets on the bed and pillow cases on the pillows yesterday. I wanted to be early so i can look around the place so i wouldn't get lost. 


When you walk in my room, you see the window when you look straight ahead but on the right side is my desk and my desk chair and in front of that is my double bed and next to my bed is my bedside table and next to that is my mini pantry on top of my mini refrigerator.  On the left side of that is where my closet and mini bathroom is. I'm pretty sure that everyone's rooms are the same. 


My dorm building is an all girl's dorms. Yes, boys are allowed but they can only stay until 11:00 pm. The same for the girls when their going into the boys' dorms. I don't really know what happens if they get caught spending the night in each other's rooms. It's probably just detention or something. 


After i finished, I just made dinner from the food i could find in my pantry and fridge and  just took a water bottle and sat on my bed. I know it was a school night. But there's nothing wrong with watching movies on your laptop right? I'm sure everyone does it too. Plus It's only like 8:00 pm and i have nothing better to do so i might as well.


(sorry this is short but i promise the chapters will get longer :D )

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